October, 2011

‘A Gentle Footfall on the Stairs’ by Guest Author Glen James

Saturday, October 1st, 2011
Author Glen James

Author Glen James

As carvings go it was pretty crude, the most basic stone head you will ever see. Nothing more than a broadish pebble, about the size of a saucer, with rudimentary depressions for eyes, a misshapen nose, and a lopsided gash for a mouth.

I hated the damn thing.  I had always hated it, as far back as I could go in my memory into childhood.  It totally gave me the creeps, and I did NOT want it. Why the hell give it to ME of all people?  I know I’m interested in art but I would rather lop off an ear.

This head always sat smack in the centre of my Uncle Gwilliam’s dressing table for years, for all the world like some Pagan Idol, and we were all scared stiff of it.  Two generations of my family refused my grandmothers requests to go upstairs on errands because of this thing, sitting solemnly on a Nottingham Lace doily, and staring at the chimneypots and pigeons opposite through the window.  There was something inherently evil about the bloody thing, which none of the adults seemed to notice, and all of us earned a scolding from my Grandmother for not taking fresh towels up to the airing cupboard, or bringing down the ironing, because of being “So damn silly about a lump of old stone.” (more…)

‘Fat Men And Flying Saucers’ by Guest Author Arthur Davis

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Guest Author Arthur Davis

Claude Longly sat hovering over his second cup of coffee of the evening in one hand and the second cigarette of his third pack of the day between the thick, stained brown fingers of the other.  He had long ago rationed himself to three cups in the evening and it was only eight o’clock.  There were four or five hours of life left to go in the day and he had no idea how he was going to make it through with these self-imposed restrictions as he unfolded the summer 1967 edition of Briggs’ Western European Bride’s Registry.

He patted down the dog-eared magazine as though it were a piece of precious art.  A tingle sparked in his fifty-four year-old cobweb crisscrossed crotch.  The international guide to what some might refer to as a catalogue for the social deviant was Claude’s, all two hundred sixty-eight pounds of him, link to the fantasy fabric of his very private world.

Jimmy-Dean Stiles sang on in that distinct, homespun twang over the portable radio sitting on the kitchen table.  Stiles had been a sensation when he first appeared on Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry back in 1963.  Bouts with drugs and alcohol plagued him until his death at the age of 26, after which his two albums had become prized collectibles.  Claude listened for a second to the end of his favorite tune.  It was about a range-hand who was contemplating his last lost love, the one he might someday have and the possibility of losing that woman too because of his cowboy ways.  Claude understood human flaws were as natural as dirty fingernails and trail dust.  And in his world, you couldn’t avoid either. (more…)

New Web Partner – “42”

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

A unique writers open mic night in England is attracting talented American writers and Poets, and is proud to be working in conjunction with “The Eerie Digest”….

The Answer is “42”…

“If you are a writer, performer or poet with a passion for genre subjects, (and fed up with feeling like a fish out of water at conventional open mic nights), then you might just find the answer in the open mic night “42”….”

The unique open-mic night “42” has been running in Worcestershire in England ever since March 2011, and is proving a sensational hit.  So much so that the event is expanding, with other “42” nights starting in other cities, beginning with Stoke-on-Trent and the great second city of the UK, Birmingham,  with contributions being performed on the evenings on behalf of writers and poets in the United States and internationally, alongside the phenomenally talented home-grown performers.  In a development which is a source of some considerable pride, the organisers Glenn and Angela James have forged a fertile link with “The Eerie Digest”, and hope that there will prove to be an energetic cross-fertilisation of talent between the magazine and their open mic night across the Atlantic. (Glenn himself is already a contributor of Gothic Fantasy fiction to the digest, recent issues having seen his stories “Pass the Remote”, and “Crookbarrow” in the current edition.) (more…)

News Flash: Update on Web Partners

Saturday, October 1st, 2011




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News Flash: ‘Our Book Store’ is now Open !

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

The new section of  The Arts and Entertainment Magazine, ‘Our Book Store’, is now open for business. Now Writers can display their work to the public and guide them to where they can purchase it.

Writers will pay no commissions on sale of their work, and we will not be involved in the sales process at all. Simply attach the links to the purchasing site along with the cover art for your novel. Check out ‘Our Book Store’ for complete information, and low ad costs, in our magazine NOW!!!



Travel Time with Roger Tweed: Hawai’i

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Travel Time with Roger TweedI visited Hawai’i for the first time last February, spending five nights and four days on Maui with a side trip to O’ahu.  Using Orbitz I was able to book a package that included round trip (from Washington, DC) airfare, 5 nights at the Westin K’a’anapali Resort, and a rental car for the week for just over $1,500.  I added a one day fly/drive package from Maui to O’ahu for another $300.  When I left Dulles Airport on the morning of January 31, it was raining and 46 degrees.  When I landed at the airport at Kahului on Maui early that evening, it was also raining, but it was 86 degrees.  Kahului is the main commercial center of Maui, and it connects the West end of the island (where K’a’anapli is located) with the East end, where Haleakala National Park and the rain forest are located.  After stopping at the Kahului Walmart to pick up some essentials, I drove the 20 miles to the resort.  Although I was a bit jet lagged, I needed to get an early start on Tuesday morning for my drive on the Hana Highway.

The Hana Highway or the “Road to Hana” as it is sometimes called, runs along the coast on Maui’s east side.  On one side is the ocean and on the inland side there is agricultural land near Paia (where the Hana Highway starts) that gives way to rain forest as you continue on.  The Hana Highway is really 3 roads (HI 36, HI 360, and HI 31), and I took all three on my journey to Hana and then 9 miles past Hana to Oheo Gulch and the Haleakala (House of the Sun) National Park Visitor Center.  Stopping to hike to several waterfalls along the way, it took 6 hours to get to Hana from K’a’anapali, and almost an hour more to travel the 9 miles on HI 31 to get to Oheo Gulch.  Those final 9 miles were the most difficult part of the drive.  If you have ever driven in England, HI 31 is most like a “B” road there.  Not quite 2 lanes wide in most locations so two-way traffic has to cooperate and make way for traffic to flow.  Each segment of the highway has one lane bridges where cooperation between opposing traffic is a must.  My hiking and the long drive got me to Oheo Gulch after 5 pm on Tuesday, so my drive back after my hike to Waimoku waterfall would be after dark.  Driving the Hana Highway at night, although a bit scary, is actually easier than during the day since you can see headlight beams before you can see the vehicle they come from.  But if you can’t see the scenery, what is the point of driving the Hana Highway?    (more…)

TAEM News Flash- Our Music Store is now Open!

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

With the recent closing of Sam Goody’s and availability of finding music CD’s growing smaller, The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is jumping in to fill the void to help musicians sell their work. Starting immediately we are opening ‘ Our Music Store’ for their convenience. Our ads only cost $20.00 per CD, per month to advertise with us.

Musicians need to simply send us their CD cover art, the price they are selling it for, the link to the site they are selling it through, and choose the number of months they wish to display it for. You can pay right through the magazine too, by using PayPal or  accepted Credit Card. It’s as simple as that.

We will display ads of ALL genres of CD’s, with the exception erotic album covers.

And the good news is that we DO NOT handle CD sales as ALL sales are made directly through the musicians sites that the link for the ad goes to. So we do not collect commissions on sales either. So send us your ads now to beat the  expected rush for Our Music Store. If you need cover art for your album, we can arrange that through our affiliate, Creation Depot.



TAEM News Flash- ‘Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale’

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has just learned that actor Andrew Jackson, who we recently interviewed in our March 2011 issue, will be playing alongside veteran actor Blu Mankuma (2012, ‘Look Who’s Talking), and Connor Stanhope (Smallville, Merlin’s Apprentice) in ‘Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale’. Alison Parker is also the Producer and Director for this film. Also onboard is another rising Canadian actress, Nina Hagerty.

This is a short film and it is very interesting how they pulled it together. This is going to be a must-see film with great acting, talented cast and crew, and fabulous story-line. We are hoping that this ‘G’- rated film will become available for movie-goers everywhere in the very near future.

With us we have the cast members, and the film’s producer, and we want to ask them questions about the film:

TAEM- Andrew, tell us the theme behind the movie and the role that you play in it.

AJ- A family torn apart with grief attempts to deal with the loss of a mother and wife. The father lacks the tools necessary to help his children deal with their shattered world. It takes a very special relationship between a boy and his new found ferret friend to save him from his pain and ultimately bring the boy and his family back together.

I believe our relationship to the animal world is sacred.  (more…)