‘The Games’ by Guest Poet Angela James

Guest Poet Angela James

You stand once again at the starting line

Waiting for the games to commence

You’ve been here many times before

Yet you must race again and again


Every step is planned, each opponent weighed

Before the starting pistol is fired

You’re not afraid to give it all you’ve got

To be the one who is admired


The race begins and off you go

Yet you cannot be seen as a threat

So you pace yourself and take it slow

You will make your move, but not just yet


You grin as the thrill of the race takes over

The chase makes you feel so alive

You could live with this feeling forever

It brings you back time after time


You start to pull up on your speed

Each opponent gets closer and closer

The adrenaline pumps through your veins

Pushing you on past endurance


You overtake them one by one

Without as much as a passing glance

Curtailing their dreams at every turn

Etching disappointment and disbelief


Every race you run is the same

Your tactics so practised, you call them art

Only the faces of the opponents change

As you easily float to the finish line


So now you’ve won, but what’s the prize

Was it really worth all those you left behind?

You’ve done it; you’re at the top of your game

But what to do next, except do it all again


Angela James ©

Writer & Poet (www.amjames.co.uk)

Co-Founder & Organiser of ‘42 Open Mic Night’ (www.42openmicnight.co.uk)

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