Joseph J. O’Donnell’s- College Science Digest (intro)

 Our Planet & the Night Skies

For the many college students that view our publication, The Arts and Entertainment Magazine, we have decided to expand it to include the many wonders of science that are around us. What better way to induce college students to write for our magazine then to touch on many of the subjects that they study.

My 92-year old father-in-law, my son (and our photographer), and I recently visited the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum near Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia. Aside from writing, science holds a close second place in my heart. From my early days as a Star Trek fan, through the show ‘Cosmos’, with Carl Sagan, I had a great interest in astronomy. My first job out of high school was working in Grumman’s Aerospace on Long Island, in New York. There I was to help build ( and physically leave my finger prints on) the Lunar Excursionary Module (LEM) that first put man on the moon.

  From that time on science stole my heart. I still use my Meade telescope on starry nights, and tune in to the ‘Discovery’ and ‘Science Channel’ on cable television. ‘Through the Wormhole’, with actor Morgan Freeman, is my latest favorite. There are so many science and discovery shows on television that I have found myself becoming an arm chair scientist. During my early days with Grumman’s I had even designed an ion engine based on a hydrogen stellarator. This won me recognition with the company, as I was only 17-years old at the time, and I was given a first class tour of all their thirty-three Long Island plants.

My new goal is to have students and college professors write about some of their projects for our magazine. This is not limited to space science, but should include earth and ocean sciences as well. We want to open dialog with the academic world and look to share all the ideas that they can bring to the table, through our publication. We’d also like to be invited to tour some of these institutions of higher learning in order to share their views and open the eyes of the world to all the marvelous discoveries that are waiting for all of us.