A new science challenge from our publisher, Joseph J. O’Donnell

Joseph O’Donnell

Recently I had seen a story in another media publication stating that NASA was ‘Lost in Space’. Their article said that NASA has no set objectives for further space exploration because they lack guidance from the government and the public. I thought the statement was absurd, but as our economy is going into a grey area, and politicians are behaving….well political, I can partially understand their statement. With impending budget cuts possibly cutting into programs it gives a little more solidity to the media article’s reasoning.

This past September I offered two challenges to the Scientific community (see the Sept.2012 Science section) and now I am about to offer a third challenge. I am asking the science community, university faculties and students, and the private sector to rise up in a ‘Grass Roots Movement’ to offer suggestions, and support, to NASA. I will also seek further support for Space Exploration from European and Asian Space Agencies as well. This must be a ‘team effort’ by scientists, academics, and enthusiasts from around the world. After all, this will be an adventure for all of mankind and will benefit the entire human race.