TAEM Attends the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club Meeting at GMU in January!

NOVAC - Northern Virginia Astronomy ClubThe Arts and Entertainment Magazine attended the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club’s meet at George mason University for their January meeting. Many of the club’s members were there, along with its new president, Phil Wherry and Vice-President Alexander Rogee. Representing GMU was Dr. Harold Geller, the university’s liaison.

NOVAC’s guest speaker for the event was Professor Gideon Bass who lectured on the topic of ‘Kepler Studies of Low-Mass Eclipsing Binaries’. This was of interest to many of the professional and amateur astronomers who attended the conference. You can find our interview with Professor Bass, and details about the subject, in the Science section of this month’s issue.

Club-Librarian-John-Driss Also speaking at the event was club member John McDonnell, who presented the topics and pictures for ‘Orion the Hunter’, ‘The Flame Nebula’, ‘The Horse Head Nebula’, and ‘The Orion Nebula’.

Club president Phil Wherry started the meeting on time and introduced the speaker to the membership. Introductions were also made of Vice-President Alexander Rogee, who filmed the event, along with club Librarian John Driss, and club communications liaison Chris Lee.

Many questions were fielded by the membership with satisfactory answers made by Professor Bass. Total membership in the club numbers more than 1,100, making it the largest such club in the world. The second place club in California numbers a distant 800 members. NOVAC is planning on a ‘public event’ at C.M. Crocket Park in Fauquier County Virginia on February 2nd. Those interested should contact the club for details at their earliest convenience. You can e-mail Chris Lee at communications@novac.com.