‘Future Explorations in Space’ by author Joseph J. O’Donnell

Enterprise1-640x353The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is about to embark on a series of articles involving Future Explorations in Space. We are hoping to involve all the scientists and college professors that have appeared in our Science section since its addition in our publication.

NASA has been gearing for this as other nations have now set future dates for trips to the Moon and Mars. In my article ‘Space- Our Manifest Destiny’ (click on to see article) which appeared in the Science section of our publication for July 24, 2013, I have been promoting the theory in a number of colleges that follow our magazine. I also hope that college students, led by their professors, can add to future articles as well. To have them participate in this series is the main purpose for its undertaking.

Joe O'DonnellAs NASA goes forward with their program they have been exploring possibilities in the means to travel from our planet as well as the bases on the Moon and Mars from which astronauts can work from. Some of the designs that they offer have been included with this article. A really great design is of a Starship, created by NASA, for interstellar as well as solar system travel. And, yes, they christened it The Enterprise.

We hope that all our readers, and the college students that follow our publication, will keep tuned in to all future issues to read the many comments and findings of the great minds that will be joining us in them.