Alexandria Altman

“The Cinderella Chronicles” Story Contribution by Guest Author Alexandria Altman

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Altman Speaks out on Her new Novel Trilogy and the already amazing success she is having,…”I am overwhelmed” the author says when she is asked about it, not that it is flying off the shelves or off the internet, but so few really know about it as of yet , It has only been out in Hardback less than 30days and out on Kindle about 45 days….and for the time it has been out, it is selling, on it’s own it seems to have it’s own special angels wings……

Just in the last two weeks their has been Hollywood Press all over it. being compared to Twilight,

“It is crazy when I think about the merchandise in the works fro the Cinderella Chronicles Trilogy,…some of the major players in this field whom are making the dolls that Look so much like me, it seems so surreal yet so odd, and normal at same time, we have over 50 pieces that are in the works, from sport drinks to energy drinks to clothing toys etc…”

“As I speak with Joseph, and was interviewed here in his magazine in September, things have come along way…,” (more…)