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Interview with Author Debbi Mack

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

ED- All writers have a beginning and this is particularly true for the latest writer that we are introducing to our Mystery lovers, Debbi Mack. Debbi we are thrilled to have this interview with you and want you to tell our legions of readers around the world what first interested you to delve into writing.

DM- Thanks! I’m thrilled to talk about my writing. (What author isn’t?) I guess like most writers, I started as a reader. I read voraciously as a child. My mother would also read to me when I was very young and told oral stories she’d learned in her own childhood.

I’ve been writing pretty much all my life – or, at least, most of it. I kept journals throughout my adolescence. In high school, I wrote poems (one of which made my school’s literary journal), song lyrics and a short story for a class on which I got an A-. That grade totally blew me away. It occurred to me that I might actually have a knack for telling stories.

Even though it took years, I eventually decided to put an effort toward writing in earnest and trying to get published. (more…)