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Interview with Producer Peter Hankoff

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is thrilled to introduce Peter Hankoff to our readers. Peter, you offer our readers another venue of screen production as a Documentary Producer. Tell us all about this field.

PH- There are probably about as many types of documentaries as there are TV shows or movies.  I’ve got a strong history bent so a lot of what I make is more fact-driven than the current fare of “non-fiction television” or “reality shows.”

ED- Unlike most film production you deal with true history. What impact does your work have on the world today?

PH- I don’t know the impact as much as I know the intent, which is to try to illuminate something from the past and – hopefully – show how it resonates today.  I do my best to stay true to the facts and if I can get one kid to open a history book or ask “why” then I feel like I’m ahead in the world.  History is made up of two things: troublemakers and real estate.  And that never seems to change. (more…)