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Interview with Filmmaker Peter Lankston

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is excited to welcome Peter Lankston for our reader’s pleasure. Peter, a good number of our readers are college and film students who wish to make a career in the film and publishing industries. What interested you most in making a career in film making?

PL- From a young age I was really interested in film, but didn’t think of it as a career choice – that was a million miles away from where I live in Cornwall – just unattainable. Then everything changed one night when I watched Evil Dead 2 with a group of friends. They didn’t seem the least bit interested, but I was fixated on that film (like most indie filmmakers around my age)! It not only told a simple, funny, horror story, but it was a very visually crafted film. From there I got the bug and my friend had an old camcorder, so we went out and made little movies. The other two big influences were Eraserhead and Videodrome – both big, big influences. (more…)