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Interview with Director Robert W. Filion

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is proud to introduce director Robert W. Filion to our readers. Robert, you work in the film genre that a lot of our readers enjoy. Please tell us how you got your start in motion pictures.

RWF- I was conceived with a camera in my hand… No, seriously, I fell in love with manipulating reality back in the early 80s- creating fantastical images through words.  I first remember wanting to become a filmmaker after watching Clash of the Titans on a hot summer evening at the local drive-in in 1981.  The imagery was so vast, I was sucked into this amazing world.  Flash forward to college in the early 90s, I received a degree in technology with an emphasis in television production… The army, unfortunately, didn’t have a program for me back then, so I mostly came out of my own pocket for the curriculum specific classes (which is why I couldn’t take actual filmmaking classes… way too expensive for a teenager with no credit at all).  This is also why it’s taken me so long to get to this point… wrong training. Over the years, I manipulated what I knew, augmented it with my personal research, and finally in the late 90s emerged as a budding filmmaker.  I sort of cast off my corporate ties for a bit and concentrated on what I had always dreamed of doing.  Mine is certainly not a story of someone believing in me and handing me a bundle of cash… I’m still fighting and using everything I can to attempt to gain some sort of exposure in this field.  Granted, I know I’m on the wrong coast. (more…)