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Interview with Actor Said Faraj

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is happy to present actor Said Faraj to our readers. Said has been in many of today’s popular TV shows and has portrayed many roles on the silver screen. Said, how did you first decide to take up acting as a career?

SF-Since I was in a young age, I loved theater and I always desired to be in front of the camera and when I came to the USA at age 16 the passion I had never went away even though I spend a lots of years working hard in many odd jobs acting kept hunting me so I went to Acting school and with the help of my Art teacher from High school guided me to an agent from there I start auditioning and here I am 21yrs later Starting in films opposite Matt Damon in Green zone.

ED- You have played roles in such popular TV shows as ‘24’, ‘The Shield’, ‘JAG’, and ‘The Agency’. These are great roles and we would like to know how these help shape your acting career?

SF- Well I love my roles in these project because You have to work very hard in creating an interesting character in which Coaching plays a big role in that and these Characters I played helped me find different emotions that sometime you never had or you used. They helped me in my latest project as a lead role who goes in many layers of character and emotions. (more…)