Interview with Bill Metz

ED – Bill we’ve read a number of news clippings of you and Atlantic Film Studios. Tell us about yourself and your company.

BM – I am just one those ordinary guys you hear about everyday.  I have coffee in the morning just like everyone else.  The difference I feel between being just another guy and who I am in business is my business philosophies and strategies, “Thinking Outside of the Box.”  I started PAS Media along with my business partners to be a company for the Independent Filmmakers.  Those guys who have great projects but can’t get them produced or they have the financing but not the knowledge or the resources to get it done.  Atlantic Film Studios was started because i kept hearing from people, I have the projects completed but I can’t get them distributed.  Again, another challenge presented to me and I have stepped up to the plate to do my part i making the Independent Film Community noticed, one project at a time.

ED- What relationship does Atlantic have with PAS Media?

BM – Atlantic Film Studios is a sister company of PAS Media.  PMI is the production aspect and Atlantic Film Studios is the distribution aspect of the company.

ED- As you are also the Senior Executive Vice-President for Development with PAS Media, what are some of the latest projects that you are working on?

BM – We currently have several projects in Development, a couple of my favorites are Secrets Kept, a $10 Million Dollar Budget Feature Film.  It is a Romantic Supernatural Thriller.  It has all of the aspects in a storyline that movie watchers hunger for.  Also, we have 2012: The Devil’s Apocalypse, It is a new age Vampire movie but with an interesting twist.  It is a lower budget project but the writing of the film gives hit a big budget punch.  We also have, Confidential Encounters, it is a TV series that is a re-development of the X-Files TV Show.  These are just a few of the projects in the works right now that we are working on financing for the projects.

ED – Can you tell us something about the new studio complex near Miami, Florida and how many people do you expect to be involved there?

BM – There is not much I am at liberty to say right now since we are just finalizing the land deal and we have a developer signed on to the project now, we do expect to have another major press release before the end of the year.  I can tell you that once the project is completed, the independent film market will become a major competitor in the industry.  Also, the job creation is expected to be around 10,000.  I am excited for the filmmakers and crew, the talent, and investors who want to be a part of this momentous development.

ED– As you know The Eerie Digest Magazine offers our readers Mysteries and ‘stories about ‘things that go bump in the night’. Do you have anything planned along that line in the future?

BM – I personally love a good story about things that go bump in the night.  Our slate is mostly but filled with horror, sci-fi, or supernatural/paranormal projects but we are open to any genre.  We have and will always look for new and exciting projects to scare people and provide a few sleepless nights.

ED– Bill, The Eerie Digest is promoting young writers in a program we are piloting with eight Universities. Could you offer these students encouragement and some advice for their future?

BM – I want to first tell them to never give up on their dreams.  They are doing what they love and that is writing, don’t stop being creative.  We are always looking for good writers to come on staff and interns to be involved in writing projects.  The creator of Confidential Encounters and PAS Media, have made a commitment that once the show is produced and aired, we will establish a Scholarship Fund for Writers to pursue their dreams.

ED– We are thrilled to have interviewed you today Bill, and we know our readers are truly excited to hear about you, Atlantic Film Studios and PAS Media We would love to hear more of you in the future and look forward to future interviews with you.

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