Interview with Author Aaron Patterson

SWEETDREAMSED- We are welcoming Author Aaron Patterson today to talk to our readers about his new book.

ED- Aaron, tell us the name of your book and what it is all about.

AP- Well, the first one is called “Sweet Dreams” and I just released the second in the series called “Dream On.”

ED- What inspiration gave you the storyline for this novel?

AP- Inspiration is like a tiny person living in the back of my mind. I look at the world and think to myself, “What can I do? I am just one guy living in Boise, Idaho!” I was always a big reader to the point that I even got grounded from reading when I was a kid, and I read over 100 books on summer break in high school! I know, nerd! But I love to read and to venture to a world and into the mind of different authors. This story is based on the world we live in now, from gas wars to terrorist threats and even an unsteady stock market. I wanted to tell a story that people could relate to and set in motion from my imagination what it might be like to be able to change the future and make a difference.

Me1 ED- Aaron, tell us about the characters in the story.

AP- Mark Appleton is the main character, and is an average run of the mill white-collar executive living in New York. He has a young family, a good job, and the house with a white picket fence out front. Mark has a very ordinary life and nothing is special about him on the surface, then something in his past begins to rise and after a tragedy he is thrust into a world of murder, revenge and he has to decide what side of the law he wants to be on.

Kirk Weston is the grumpy, yet good detective that just cannot keep his mouth shut long enough to get a promotion. He is pulled off of his cases in Detroit and rushed to New York to be on a special Task Force that is investigating the death of an entire prison population. He suspects that he was sent in order to get him out of town so the Chief could have a break, and as he dives into his new role working with the loved and admired Feds, he uncovers an underground group of vigilantes called the WJA. This group is taking the law into their own hands and the government is trying to stop them before the world finds out, and spawns more vigilante groups.

ED-Where, and when, can our readers find your work?

AP- “Sweet Dreams” is on Amazon, Alibris, and you can also buy a copy at or at my blog:

ED- Who is the Publisher?

AP- Borderline Publishing, they are a small house here in Boise Idaho.

ED- Do you have any new projects in the wings?

AP- Yes, I am working on the third book in the Series called “In Your Dreams” and also a teen thriller that will come out the summer of 2010 called, “Airel,” (and yes, that is spelled right). I am very excited about this one and I think my teen readers will love it as well!

ED- As you may already know, Eerie Digest is promoting college students in a writing program geared for the purpose of introducing new talent to the writing world. What lessons, and words of wisdom, can you offer to them?

AP- Keep the “Why” question in front of you at all times. What is the reason you are writing? If you have a strong and definitive “Why”, then you will keep going no matter what trial or problem is standing in your way. I was Home Schooled all the way through, and worked in construction and now have a beautiful wife and three kids under the age of five. So if I can write a book, then anyone can write a book! Plan the work, and then work the plan!

ED- Aaron, you have an exciting future ahead of you. We at Eerie Digest, and our readers, wish you the best of luck and thank you for sharing your work with us.

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