Interview with Actress Silvana Vienne

Silvana - in the Marina

ED- The Eerie Digest Magazine is excited to be talking to actress Silvana Vienne.

ED- Silvana, thank you for joining us in this month’s issue of Eerie Digest. Tell our readers what inspired you in your career and how you got started in it.

SV- Well, I’d say my grandmother Sylvia is behind my love for the arts.  She loved the theatre and took us to see children’s travelling shows at the Manaus Opera House, from a young age.  Often they had these costumed animal characters.  I thought they were really like that.  Then I discovered they were actors, and it made me want to become one.

Grandma Sylvia also made sure we went to all kinds of classes for art, music and dancing.   I also loved to watch a children’s soap opera, Sitio do Picapau Amarelo (The Farm of the Yellow Woodpecker) and wanted to be part of that world of make-believe, so I auditioned for a school play when I was 9.  My whole family is very musical and dramatic, so I grew up around that energy. My dad can be one of the subtlest-funniest people I’ve come across. My grandmother was basically a folk singer in her personality.

By the way, I got to play my costumed character eventually –a Sea Lion at Pier 39 in San Francisco!  I was out there for an internship with a Shakespeare company and got cast in this role outside of the program too.  We had costumes that were made by Disney, and got to go around in character greeting the visitors and even had photo shoots with the media.

Picture 3ED- Tell us something about your work.

SV- My work is pretty varied… I like to explore new things with each project that I take on, and often will choose to work on material that is totally different from the project before.   My work is greatly influenced by the feeling of dance, colors, and music.

ED-What new projects are you getting involved in?

SV- Film-wise I just finished writing a short screenplay, detective genre;  I have some interest from production companies so we’ll see what happens with that.   I got cast in a couple of independent films, one playing a role of a Muse, the other an artist.  It’s interesting how life imitates art, because I recently was part of an art show, my first public one, even though I’ve been painting for a looooooong time!

ED- Our readers love mysteries and stories about “things that go bump in the night”. What ventures in these genres have you worked in and look forward to working with?

SV- Basically, my whole project with Beyond Baklava was sort of a ghost story behind the scenes.. I can elaborate more if you want, but pretty much it was an angel-guided project that used me as a medium to come to life.  I’m the least technical person in the planet so the fact that this movie was made and is out there is a complete miracle.

ED- What other work are you dabbling in? We understand that you are a woman with many talents.

SV- I’m also a singer, and got a recording gig recently with an original songwriter, so I’m excited to get started with that – I like the material a lot and can really get creative with my interpretations. I’ll be singing New Age and holiday songs, and some contemporary light rock.  Coming up this week I’ll also be singing with the Temple of the Goddess in Los Angeles, for the Hallows show; and in a few weeks, with the Soprano section of the Ukranian Choir at the Alex Theatre.  And no, I’m not Ukranian!

beyond_baklava_cover_copyED- Silvana, our readers will be thrilled to see your interview with us. We all thank you, and wish you much luck in the future.

SV – Thanks to you too for having me, and all my best to everyone at Eerie Digest and its readers.

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