Aaron Patterson, and author recently interviewed in the December Eerie Digest, has now begun The StoneHouse Ink Publishing Company

StoneHouse Ink is an imprint of Ampelon publishing in Boise, Idaho. Ampelon is a Non-fiction Christian publisher and has published terrific books such as: Be Loved by Ed McGlasson and coming in 2010, The Slave Across the Street by Theresa Flores.

StoneHouse Ink is the fiction division and will be kicking off January 1st 2010. Aaron Patterson will be leading the charge to this new idea in publishing. He is an author himself and has written clean Mystery/Thrillers and is in the top 1000 on Amazon Kindle. “The publishing world is going to have to change in order to keep up with the demands of this generation!”

StoneHouse Ink is a Hybrid publishing house, in that it acts similar to a traditional publisher, with the submitting process and the marketing of authors work worldwide. With a powerful distribution network in the US, as well as Australia and the UK, StoneHouse Ink offers exposure, a strong presence in the marketplace, does not steal the ownership of the author’s life long work, and joins in a partnership. Therefore giving the author higher royalties than traditional houses.

StoneHouse Ink is committed to publishing clean (no swearing or sex) novels, and books with a strong Christian message. “I’ve never had someone complain about hating my book because there was no cussing in them.” StoneHouse Ink believes that amazing, well-written fiction is lacking in bookstores and Christian Bookstores today. If you like to read and choose not to do so with a magic marker, then keep a look out for a StoneHouse book!

StoneHouse Ink is taking submissions which can be emailed to:

stonehousepress@hotmail.com or visit our website at: www.thestonepublishinghouse.com

If interested in publishing non-fiction: www.ampelonpublishing.com

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