Interview with Producer Darren Power of Irishadows Productions

Darren PowerED – We are treating our readers today with this interview of Darren Power, the CEO of Irishadows Productions in the UK. Welcome Darren. This is a big moment to introduce you to both our National and International readers. Tell us something about yourself.

DP – Thanks to you for your interest. It is nice to be able to show what we do and who we are to a more global unity. About me, well, I’ll try and keep it short and sweet. I am born of Irish decent, My Father coming from County Waterford, South East Ireland. And my Mother being born in the UK, in the town I still reside actually and the town in which I have my production company. From a very early age I guess the dream was there to get into the movie industry, but then who doesn’t?

I started composing music for shorts, animation and novels. Slowly moving into the business more and more, via many different avenues and vehicles till the miraculous day came that I decided to branch out on my own and I have to say, I have not looked back since

Irishadows Productions

ED – Tell us something about your Production Company

DP – Irishadows Productions is a tour de force creative outlet. Our studio is a one stop progressive for any independent and bigger force. We offer 5 studios, measuring roughly 15,000 square feet, this allows people to come in and use it for music videos, Sets and just about anything. Our studio also offers ADR, Editing, Hair and Make Up, Costume, Green Room, Composers room and much, much more! We are also combining with the local council and working together with colleges, universities, youth groups, amateur Dramatic groups and the likes, providing them with an alternate place to practice, perform and produce their own productions, using the facilities that we offer, really is a sure fire way to cut costs to their budget. We are also offering work placements for those that would like to get into the industry but are less fortunate than those that have the funds to go to college and university, so giving those hands on experience and on the field work. One other thing that Irishadows is doing is attaching ourselves with several charities, The Epilepsy foundation and STARS, both of which I hold dear and very close to my heart. Simply by offering donations in a monetary sense and by holding concerts and auctions!

Silent EchoesED – Darren, our magazine entertains our readers to mysteries and tales of things ‘that go bump in the night’. What has your company produced along those lines?

DP – WE are currently working on a trilogy of horror movies at this moment ‘The Hollow’ trilogy, the first of these is a movie called ‘The Hollow: Silent Echoes’ As I am sure you can understand, we cannot go into too much detail, but what I can say is, if you like Hellraiser, Evil Dead, Exorcist, Blair Witch and the likes, this will be right up your street. It is a completely original story, however, it just has some elements that the audience will associate with other movies…For example, it centre’s around an asylum deep in the woods surrounded by nothing but nature. Demons of a completely original level and one man’s task to set in motion the savior of humankind before Armageddon becomes a reality

The Mistress of the RockED – What has Irishadows Productions planned for the near future?

DP – We have several amazing scripts already on our table, which we will be producing. With The Hollow trilogy having the possibilities in having three sequels and 3 prequels. But right now we are working on a film that is totally on location in Cyprus, a movie called ‘Mistress of the Rock!’ a romance movie that holds a little more mysticism and encapsulates the legend of Aphrodite

ED – We also encourage young writers with our College Student Writer’s program. What words of wisdom can you share with them ?

DP – You know, more often than not, when someone gets a knock back, they give up and do not carry on finding people to work on their work. So really, the best piece of advice I can give is, not to be too discouraged and disheartened if you get a knock back, or even several… Someone will see the potential in you and your work and I can guarantee it will happen. But you have to want it to happen, believe in yourself and believe in your material.

ED – Darren, how can Hollywood, and budding writers, contact you for information.

DP – Our website is being built at the moment, but my contact details are
Email: I am not sure if it is standard to give out phone numbers, so will stick with the email address for now.

ED – Darren, this has been a real pleasure and an honor. We, and our reader, wish you all the success and would like to stay in contact to hear more news from you. We thank you for this fantastic interview.

DP – Bless you ED, it has been a pleasure and an honour to do this interview for your website, a big thanks to Eric Schumacher for introducing us!

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