Interview with Producer Mark W. Capehart of CRC Entertainment

Mark W. CapehartED – We would like to present to our readers Mark W. Capehart of CRC Entertainment of Hollywood, California. Mark it is great to have you with us today. The Eerie Digest’s readers and fans enjoy mysteries and stories of things that ‘go bump in the night’. Tell us something about your organization.

MWC – Thanks for having me. CRC Entertainment started way back in 1978. . CRC was originally founded, by partners TJ Castronovo, and Michael Carazza. It has been making independent production for the last 3, well now 4, decades. We at CRC produce material in all mediums and that includes theater, stage plays, as well as movies and TV.

ED – What are some of the latest projects that you are working on that are in line with our reader’s interests?

MWC – Well right now we are getting set for the release of our thriller Boiler Maker. It’s a thriller exploring both the dark and redeeming sides of human nature. We are also working on some projects that will mark CRC’s entry into the realm of new media.

USA FlagED – How about some of your past projects? I’ve learned from your associates that those projects are right up our alley.

MWC – Yes they are. In fact CRC Entertainments most famous effort is a classic in the horror genre. Its Tales from the Darkside. For those who don’t know, this is a classic half-hour anthology show that took on supernatural themes every week. The show ran for 3 seasons, that’s 98 episodes. The show is probably most well known though for having one of the creepiest openings in TV history. We have also done horror film such as Project MetalBeast which were made for cable productions.

ED – Can you reveal some of plans of future projects?

MWC – Well, as I mentioned before we are going into the world of new media with shows like Tales from the Lower Ward and The Lurker. These projects include primary content as well as interactive elements utilizing the internet and fan response. This is a whole new direction for CRC and we are looking forward to it.

ED –  Mark, where can our readers learn more about CRC Entertainment?

MWC – Unfortunately our website is currently undergoing a redesign but they can look up our work on IMDB or contact us directly for company information.

ED – We have created a opportunity for young writers by creating a program for college students in eight Universities across the country. We are anxiously looking forward to displaying their writing styles. What encouragement can you offer to them?

MWC – What I tell every writer regardless of age, just keep writing. The more you write and refine your craft the better you will become. As I learned early on there will always be rejections and critics but you can never get discouraged. Most important of all I want to let them know that there is no such thing as a bad idea only bad execution. Taking constructive criticism and refining what you have written can take any concept to a higher level. This is especially true in the horror genre where we are dealing with things that, to be frank, don’t happen in real life. Some of the best scripts I have seen come from ideas that initially seem ludicrous and some of the worst horror scripts are the ones that were restrained in their imagination. When you get an idea you like go with it and don’t give up.

ED – How can these aspiring writers contact CRC ?

MWC – The easiest way to reach us is by email. Our address is Writers should send us a letter and log line for their submission. Also, they should mention that they heard about us on Eerie Digest, we like to know where the good scripts are coming from.

ED – We, and our readers, would like to thank you for this opportunity to learn more about CRC and the entertainment community. We wish you and CRC Entertainment much success, and ask that you keep us informed of all your upcoming projects. We update our readers regularly with all those that we have interviewed. I assure you that this has been an honor to us at The Eerie Digest!

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