Interview with Writer Marlene Buffa

Marlene BuffaED – We would like to present writer Marlene Buffa to our readers today. She is a most talented author and her ghost stories are the basis for several recent interviews in the past several months.

ED – Marlene, we are extremely excited to have you with us today. Your writing is a favorite with us, and has been the basis for ‘The Ghost Writer’ pilot that has been in our magazine recently. Tell us something about it.

MB – Several years ago I took a few writing classes to brush up on my skills.  My degree in Journalism encompassed more than writing, and I sought to improve my expression through the written word.  My writing teachers both told me to take my manuscript, “Soul Party: New Orleans” to its fullest potential.  In fact, my instructor and mentor said, “Forget the book, go right for the screenplay.  This is a TV show idea!”  He
proceeded to brainstorm with me several ways to expand on my ideas and how a TV show could evolve over time with the premise I put forth.

Full Tummy Empty Bladder Warm BedED – We understand that your writing encompasses more than the one that created the “Ghost Writer’ pilot. Tell us more about your work.

MB – In 2008 I published a compilation of my works published to date into a collection entitled “Full
Tummy, Empty Bladder, Warm Bed.”  The title resulted from a connection with my late best friend and canine companion, Winston.  One day I asked Winston how he was doing.  His big beautiful eyes looked
up at me and he said, “I’m doing OK.  My tummy is full, my bladder is empty and I have this nice warm bed.  That pretty much sums it up.”  Winston and I enjoyed a few more years together, and he let me know when it was time to say goodbye.

My monthly column, “Words of Mind” enjoys publication throughout the United States and Canada, Europe, South Africa, and even as far as Japan, India and Tibet!  My focus is practical spirituality. Simply put, I find blessings through coincidences and everyday preponderances and expound on them in playful ways.  I adore
word play.

Marlene BuffaED – We also learned that your writing is seen around the world. Where can our readers find it as they travel.

MB –  With most publishing now taking place on the internet, a few hard copy papers still exist!  I’m published in print in Atlanta, New York burroughs, Sedona, AZ, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Cincinnati, Jacksonville and more.  I’ve been published in Australia and New Zealand and in the India Times, but I’ve never received a paper copy of my work from those places.

ED – We’ve been told that you have an acute sense of the supernatural. What are your interests in this field?

MB – My interests lie mainly in how to stay focused amidst and in spite of so many distractions!  J  From as early as pre-Kindergarten, the unseen made its way into my little world.  I brought with me the memories of past lives, communicated with countless ghosts and spirit guides, and eventually learned to turn off the “chatter” by encasing
my spirit in a force-field of sorts.  It seems when the other side finds out you can hear them and are open to talking, they start lining up!

ED – Can you tell us about some of the work that you have planned for the future?

MB – I envision the Soul Party series to travel around the world and explore history with the help of my
invisible friends.  Next stop will most likely be San Francisco or Boston because of the rich history and varied
cultures who occupied the areas over the past few hundred years.  And much like Ann Roquelaire, other projects
are in the works, as well!

ED – Marlene, we are promoting a program to inspire writing by college students across the country. What encouragement and advice would you give them?

MB – Write.  Sit down every day and write.  Laptop, notebook, it doesn’t matter.  Carry a journal or digital recorder with you.  You need to be prepared when the thought omes to you – and you must trust that it always does – at just the right time and space.

ED – Marlene, we at The Eerie Digest Magazine, along with our readers, want to thank you for this great interview. I’m sure that the students involved will take heed to your advice to better their craft. We wish you the best of luck and hope to hear more from you in the future.

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