News Release from Bill Metz of Atlantic Film Studios

On December 9, 2009 the City of Pembroke Pines approved the $600 Million Dollar “The Studios of the Americas.”  PAS Media, Inc. along with 3 other corporate partners are creating the first ever major studio complex in South Florida.  Now that the project has been approved, PAS Media, Inc. along with it’s partners will be signing the contracts on the land for the site within the next 30 days then they begin the zoning and permitting process to begin construction.

With the approval of the Studios of the Americas, PAS Media, Inc. is now seeking partners to begin a $50 Million Dollar expansion of their company to produce a slate of projects for the next 2 years.  The creation of the Studios of the Americas as well as the expansion of PAS Media, Inc. will be the first step in South Florida becoming a major film market.

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