The Eerie Digest College Program

The Eerie Digest Magazine is now offering a new program to college students from Coast to Coast, to have the world read their work, and display the young talent this country has to offer. We have sent invitations to USC, UCLA, UVA, UMD, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Ithaca College, and GMU. With interviews of Publishers, Literary Agents, and Hollywood Studios and Personalities in each monthly issue, the possibilities are endless.

We are looking forward to see some of the fine work that these Universities, and their students, can produce. For more information on this program have your college, or University, contact us through this site. Contact information is available on the top right hand corner of the Homepage. Have your Fraternities, Sororities, and Colleges see the advertising possibilities on our advertising page too, so that you can send messages to other students around the world.

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