Interview with Actor Moe Irvin

ED- We would like to introduce our readers to actor Moe Irvin. Moe, can you tell us about your role on Grey’s Anatomy? This is one of the popular shows that has been on television.

MI– I play a character called Nurse Tyler. He’s a pretty sarcastic dude and he knows his work well so he gets frustrated with the interns whenever he has to answer “dumb” questions or fix mistakes. It’s a fun role. It’s crazy to see how much has happened since we shot the pilot in 2003, and what an impact the show has had on people’s lives and careers. It’s the luck of the draw with pilots. You just never know what’s gonna grab audiences. Thankfully luck and good writing were on our side.

ED- Tell us about some of the other roles that you have played.

MI-Oh, man I’ve played cops, pimps, hustlers, business men.  I played an alien once. That was hilarious because the contacts I wore kept making my left eye water so we just shot it with one contact. It looked ridiculous. The film was really low budget so they ended up blurring the alien faces in some weird CGI blur which looked even worse. But it was good times. Lots of fun.  I like playing guys that are ultra cool but in reality they’re total idiots. I don’t know why I relate to them so well. Maybe that says something about me.

ED- We also understand that you are writing and producing a feature as well. Can you tell us something about that?

MI– I’m working with Clive Barker’s company, Seraphim Films on a feature that I wrote and will direct. It’s a dark and twisted love story that revolves around an underground sex club in L.A. There are elements of horror, sexual abuse and dysfunction, spirituality, and salvation that weave themselves throughout the film. It’s the coolest piece you’ll ever see, If I do say so myself. But we’re still in the very early stages so there’s a lot of work to be done. It’s very exciting.

ED- How do you feel working behind the camera, as opposed to working in front of it?

MI– Well, It’s my first film to direct but I understand acting very well so I think directorially as long as I’m true to the truth and communicate that, I’m gonna be o.k. And I mean that in all aspects of the production. It’s pretty empowering to create your own work and have people relate and want to see it get done. I love that feeling. And to have Clive Barker like it was even more special. We’ve been friends for awhile, in fact I’m on the cover of the Books Of  Blood. He’s a genius and I really respect his work.

ED- Do you feel that working in front of the camera has given you a better insight in producing a film?

MI– Actually, no. They’re apples and oranges honestly. If anything, producing has given me more insight on the overall picture. Acting is fantastic but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. And producing truly is a puzzle. All the pieces have to come together. And it’s your job to make them come together in the most efficient way. I think it’s the toughest job in Hollywood –if you’re a real producer and not some cat who let you borrow his truck and asked for a producer credit. It’s a miracle anything gets made and yet movies do get made.

ED- What inspired you to write and produce films?

MI– There’s a couple reasons. First, I was tired of auditioning for bullshit. There’s some really bad shit getting made, man. Really bad. Particularly in film. And when you have to say somebody’s shitty dialogue. It’s a slap in the face to all of the training you do as an actor. When it’s good writing it’s awesome! I’ve always been a good writer so I thought I’d start writing my own stuff and see what happened. I knew I had the goods so I wanted to put it to the test. Secondly, I LOVE MOVIES!! And I was really inspired by Tarantino, and Darren Aronofsky in particular, who are brilliant writers and directors and I really paid attention to moviemakers that do that type of work– the gritty stuff. I also learn a lot from Grey’s. Their writers are great. Simply put, I just pay attention.

ED- With many of our readers having aspirations of writing for a living, what can you tell them to inspire them in their goals?

MI– Pay attention! HA!! To life that is. And Listen. Don’t be in such a hurry to speak. Listening is where its at. Especially to the old timers. Yes, they’ll talk your ear off. Let them. Soak it in. I had a meeting last night with my D.P. Bob Primes. He’s like seventy but we’re like twins. We totally think the same. It was wonderful. He has so many “war stories”. I soaked it in. I also think you just have to experience life, you have to have experiences, and get involved. Find your voice. How I write may not be what you like but its how I write and its my voice. It’s how I do it. Be fearless and go for it because this biz will shut you down if you’re weak.

ED- What are your plans for the future?

MI– To get Tarantino to put me in his next film!! Ha! I’d like to see where filmmaking takes me. But I also love working in television so that’s something I want to continue to do in a big way. I’m an open book at this point. I want to take the experiences and the work as they come and enjoy it all.

ED- Moe, with many in Hollywood making advancement, and changes in their careers, what do you see for the future of the Film Industry?

MI- I would imagine that we’ll see a lot more homemade movies like Paranormal Activity. It made a lot of money and it seems that studios are scouring youtube and such for new talent and projects. It seems logical to me but It’s hard to say.

ED- Moe , it has been a pleasure and an honor to have you do an interview with us today. We know that our readers will enjoy knowing about your future exploits and ask that you keep in touch so that we can let them know more about you. Many thanks, and good luck with your new project.

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