Interview with Author Bryan Cassiday

ED- Our magazine, The Eerie Digest, is thrilled to introduce author Bryan Cassiday to our readers. Bryan does a great deal of writing that our readers cherish dearly. Bryan tell us a little about yourself.

BC- Hi.  I’m Bryan Cassiday.  I write thrillers.

ED- We understand that your book, ‘Blood Moon’, captures the tales that our readers thrive on. Please tell us something about it.

BC– My new book “Blood Moon: Thrillers and Tales of Terror” is a collection of thirteen and one of my stories from the dark side; including, thriller, horror, suspense, mystery, and noir tales.  For instance, my story “I Kill for Your Blood” is about a CIA director who is informed that one of his agents is a vampire or thinks he is.  The director dispatches another field operative to find out what is really going on and to clean up the matter.

ED-Who is the publisher, and where can we find the book?

BC– I self-published “Blood Moon” in September 2009.  Since then, CreateSpace has decided to publish “Blood Moon” under their imprint (December 24).  Their imprint is available at  My imprint is available at and at Amazon at CreateSpace tells me that “Blood Moon” will soon be available at other online bookstores and retail bookstores, as well as at libraries.

ED- What other works have you produced?

BC– I wrote the CIA action thriller “Fete of Death” about a CIA hit man with a death wish who is freed from jail by the director of the CIA and instructed to investigate the brutal slaying of a US Senator in Los Angeles.  During his investigation, the CIA agent becomes embroiled in a conspiracy and a cover-up at the highest echelons of government.  “Fete of Death” is available at Amazon and many other online bookstores.

ED- Are there any new books in your future that you can let us know about?

BC– I’m working on a thriller about a neighbor who may not be what he seems.  I just started this a week ago.

ED- Mysteries and ‘tales of things that go bump in the night’ are the mainstay of The Eerie Digest and our readers. Where do you see this genre going, and what do you believe will be the future for it?

BC– I’ve always liked “tales of things that go bump in the night.”  I see a long future for the horror genre.  Americans have always liked horror stories, since the times of Nathaniel Hawthorne and then Edgar Allan Poe.  I, myself, have always liked the scary stories of Guy de Maupassant.  The horror genre is not in any danger of fading away.  Scary movies, too, are popular.  “Paranormal Activity” was produced on a shoestring budget and garnered millions of dollars as moviegoers flocked to it.

As for books, Stephen King and Dean Koontz continue to attract legions of loyal fans.

ED- As The Eerie Digest offers a program to encourage young writers today, what advice would you give to them?

BC– I always dread this question, because I never know what to say.  So-called experts on writing postulate that writers should write about what they know.  I reject their advice.  I say, write about what you don’t know.  Write using your imagination.  As Einstein said, imagination is more important than knowledge.  Writing fiction is a strange and amazing journey into the imagination and you never really know what you’re going to find there.

Nobody knows anything about writing.  Not even writers.  I hope my answer has helped unmuddy the waters of perception of writing.

ED- Bryan, thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice with us today. We wish you much luck and look forward to reading all of your work. As I previously told you, our readers thrive on this genre of writing, and we all look forward to your newest projects.

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