Interview with Actress Kathleen Teresa Scott (aka Katie)

ED- It is rare that a young actress has made such an impact as does Katie Scott, who we have the pleasure of introducing to our readers. Katie, I understand that playing in a commercial was the start of your career. Tell us about this event and some of the similar work that you have done.

KTS-I was 13 months old then. But, for a few years we didn’t look work in acting again. I am so glad I begged to return when I could ask. Acting has given me huge opportunities to learn, grow and meet people I would not have met otherwise. While I am pretty normal. I think the responsibilities to work as an actress on tv/film/stage are extraordinary. Actors usually say that it is less glamourous. It is! I study 3 hours on the set, which can be at any point of filming. One minute I do fractions or spelling, and the next minute it’s all fantasy. The waiting has given me patience. I play chess and with my DS. Just about everyone we know is in entertainment in some way, and they are grounded. When my front teeth fell out I began doing plays. I was given a tiny part in a powerful Christian play that always remains with me in everything I do.  If I wasn’t acting I wouldn’t have that particular experience. I would not have even known about that play, theatre or actors who became family to me.

ED- Tell us about your role along actor James Garner in ‘8 Simple Rules’.

KTS-I met him very early in my career. I wasn’t familiar with his work yet. Looking back I was pretty lucky.  So, tossing the ball around with him and David Spade was just fun. David I did know from Saturday Night Live. It’s a favorite show I plan to host one day. I have many ideas for that.

ED- We understand that you prefer roles that are so unlike you. What kind of roles are these that attract your attention?

KTS-Well, I love basketball and usually take the summer season to only play that. No work or even auditions at that time. So, when I work and wear curly hair and dresses that is different from me already. I like things simple on a daily basis. And, working is the time when I’m wearing things I usually don’t, then get a character name and chance to be someone else. Also, to be talkative, sad, disfigured, funny, angry or in costume is even better. Once I combined 2 passions, acting and basketball in The Captain directed by Octavia Spencer. Meeting Dee Freeman there was the best. I love Dee! She has since come to see me in plays and basketball. She invited me to work again on her outrageously funny new web series “Pretty.” It was a small bit as a pageant contestant. Later came the best part of getting to live taping by 5AM to do the KTLA Morning Show in LA to promote it with the cast. Director Steve Silverman, and actors Stacy McQueen, Sam Pancake & Terri Simmons taught me so much. I loved going “live.” The improv was hilarious.

ED- From these roles you have advanced to an Indie film called ‘Perspective’. Tell us about it and how it has shaped your career.

KTS-I met the director, AJ Grant,  at this great workshop by Dee Wallace-Stone thanks to writers Robin Rowe & Gabrielle Pantera, who I still see as often as I can.  I worked the film a week later and it changed my life. It was more than just working with talented actors. That was in 2006 and Eileen Grubba, who played my mom, has remained in my life since. I don’t distract from my values, because Eileen, especially, shows me the rewards in talent, integrity and respect. And, besides being an actor Joe Boyd, who played my dad,  is a wonderful family man of faith.

ED-Due to your work, we understand that you are up for a Streamy Award. Tell us about the show and the part that you played in it.

KTS-I tend to enjoy all the experience not just being in front of the camera. So, I added another wonderful make-up artist Jessica Hollingworth as my friend in entertainment when I worked on a short film where she made me bloody and scary. Soon after she put me in contact with a super talented Caryn Hayes. Then, I worked on her web series “The World of Cory & Sid.” Buddy White and I were kids caught in the immature lives of funny guys Cory & Sid in episode 5 called “Nazi Juice.” It’s my favorite episode because of the memories. Really funny! The cast and crew felt like I do, they made everything fun, so it wasn’t like work at all. Making a guest appearance was really cool.

ED- We understand that you have played a part in ‘Death Interrupted’. Tell us about it and the part that you played.

KTS-This is really one of those rare scripts that has everything. I think people will love this because death affects everyone. It makes you take look at your own life when following these characters. I look forward to being opposite Eileen Grubba in this. She is a perfect “Joan.” And, my plans for “Sarah” are to bring mystery, intrigue and sadness. “Sarah” like everyone has a place, and needs to find herself to then be able to follow her  true destination to that place. Or not? Haha Mystery, you know?

ED- You continue to play alongside Eileen Grubba, who is a very talented actress. How has she influenced your work?

KTS-Eileen is family.  She is not just beautiful and gentle, but smart and powerful. I like that she is well-rounded and accomplished. She is willing mentor to me. She’s proven her strength by remaining at The Actor’s Studio and I’ve seen her amazing work on stage too.  Thanking God may seem un-Hollywood or corny. But, I thank God for her in my life and career. She’s an angel, I’m sure of that.

ED- Where do you see your career heading in the next ten years?

KTS-Finding a Disney or ABC Family sitcom for regular work.  I like being funny, and in no rush to grow up. Also do some steady and worthwhile shows or films. Somehow, I plan to incorporate college too. I want a career that isn’t fast and ends bad. I want to make a living at acting then direct or write. As I get older I add more of the business aspect to the fun of creativity. A career like Sandra Bullocks would be awesome! She’s pretty, funny, smart and not all in the tabloids. I’d also move to the country and get lots of animals then return only to LA only to work. Though now, I really don’t take all work that comes my way. I usually print the sides and see if it is really for me. I performed at Laugh Factory recently because I channel my inner Redd Foxx. I left the stage really wired and happy after my stand-up routine. Comedian/director Joey Medina, who watched my comedy, approached me and my mom, then paid me the compliment to join him on his next project filming very soon. That is seems right for me. Finding projects in non-traditional ways and having more extraordinary experiences.

ED- Katie, we want to thank you for this interview and we hope that you can achieve the award that you are up for. We wish you much luck in the future and hope to hear back from you with new projects that are bound to come your way.

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