Interview with Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

ED- With us during this interview is author, and writing promoter, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen. Jo-Anne, we keep reading the phrase *Conquer All Obstacles* with your name. Can you explain this?

In April of 2006, I got sick. I went from the doctor’s office to my classroom (where I’d been teaching full-time) to clean out my desk. Two days later, I sat shivering in my quiet living room, staring at the walls, totally dumbfounded.

Through counselling, I came to realize there where two ways I could handle this unexpected twist in my life: A – I could consider it as a devastation and be totally down and out…or B – I could take this sudden turn as an opportunity; merely a different path to head down. It was exactly 3 weeks after my illness diagnoses that I decided to follow through with a dream I had never had time to do before…I was going to write a book and *Conquer All Obstacles*.

ED- Jo-Anne, we understand that you have been writing suspense/ romance novels. Please tell us about your first book.

JV- My first published suspense/romance novel, “Conquer All Obstacles” was released in November, 2009.

BTW – “Conquer All Obstacles” is completely fiction.

About “Conquer All Obstacles”:

A WOMAN WHO WANTS TO FIND LOVE … WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES FOR A HAPPILY-EVER-AFTER … EVEN TANGLING WITH A PSYCHOPATH … YET, LOVE HAS THE POWER TO … CONQUER ALL OBSTACLES. Middle-aged divorcee, Tara Robstead, wants more than a secret love affair with her boss, Josh Henderson. Yet, her search for a happily-ever-after costs her more than a price paid in blood-her soul is slaughtered. Now confined in a mental hospital, she must confront her greatest fears in order to break a ­psychopath’s control over her fractured mind. Against the ticking clock, Josh must face his true love for Tara before it’s too late. Together, Tara and Josh can stand united to … CONQUER ALL OBSTACLES.

Here’s what others are saying about “Conquer All Obstacles”:

“I really enjoyed reading this book. I would compare Jo-Anne Vandermeulen’s style to perhaps Joy Fielding or Jodi Piccoult. An awesome fast-paced story. Once I picked it up I was totally enthralled with the characters, right to the very end.” >C.Lee<

“The book is very interesting and suspenseful, and representative of many lost souls who are unable to recognize their own needs. It covers a time period of just 7 months, jam-packed with action and reaction. This book is not necessarily morose, it does have its lighter, happier moments. It shows how there can be weakness in the strong and strength in the weak. Powerful and passionate, I think this is a wonderfully written book, it gripped me right away and kept me reading into the night. I am so glad I had an opportunity to read it, and highly recommend it. A must-read.”>Betty Gleason<

“This passionate, psychological romance provides the answers and is a real page-turner from beginning to end.”>Mary Verdick<

“”Conquer All Obstacles” is an emotional thrill ride as it pulls on the heart strings, fans the flames of anger, and tugs at the smile within. This book is a must have for those with a penchant for an edge of your seat pulse pounding love story.”>Brian Knight<

*For a FREE ‘Sneak-A-Peek’ and to purchase “Conquer All Obstacles” from the author go to: * or can order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most online distributors.

ED-This genre is extremely popular and in great demand. What other titles have you produced?

JV- In December, 2009, my book (a non-fiction resource) “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” was published.

About “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers”

A “must-have” ­resource book filled with practical online marketing tips for those who have books or other products to sell. Although this book was written for writers promoting their books, these ­promotional tips can be applied to any products you may wish to promote via the Internet. You will learn how to target your audience, create massive exposure, and drive traffic back to the site where your books or other products are sold.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Jo-Anne Vandermeulen has a winner with her latest book “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” – it’s an explosion of information on the battlefield of book selling.” >Deborah McCarragher<

“…and I can promise you one thing…I’ll be keeping this book close by for years to come!
It’s everything that I had hoped for. Basic, easy to follow, common sense tips on how to market books in the digital and virtual age. Ms. Vandermeulen’s clear, concise approach makes the almost mystical haze of online marketing easy to grasp for the most neophyte of Internet users. And just to be sure, she includes a very good glossary in the back of the book to help you understand strange, almost ethereal concepts such as “tags” and “blogs””.
>James Holloway<

“If you are spinning at the thought of promoting your book or product or service, this book will plant your feet on the ground and point you in the right direction. The ideas here apply to everyone with a product or service to market.”>Katherine Kane<

“So much more then a book of tips for writers…”Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” illustrates the expertise and experience of the author in a way that will inspire and motivate you to get on the Internet and go for it. From blogging to social networks, the importance of being active is emphasized. “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” has something for everyone interested in making a presence.”>Brian Knight<

*For a FREE ‘Sneak-A-Peek’ and to purchase “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” from the author go to: * or can order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most online distributors.

ED- You also own and manage Premium Promotional Services which is well known, and assists many authors. Please tell us about it and what it does.

JV-  We are authors, and understand the frustrations of promotion. It take a tremendous amount of time and knowledge to establish an author platform and market effectively. Since supporting writers comes naturally, and having expertise of Internet promotion, Premium Promotional Services opened its cyber-doors March 2, 2009…knowing we could provide top-notch promotional services while the author could continue writing.

Premium Promotional Services where *You Write – We Promote* provides a variety of marketing services for authors.

–         Site Creation

–         Virtual Book Blast

–         Author Advertising

–         Book Title Promotion

–          Site Redesign

–         Book Trailers

Depending on the individual’s needs, we custom design a marketing plan and guarantee massive exposure while the author can continue writing and leave everything to us. Check out the Premium Promotional Services site ( ) for more details of each service. Even after the service is over, we are there to coach the authors—help them continue on with their marketing plan.

We’ve had extremely happy clients. Here’s what others have said:

ED- Is there any particular genre of authors that you work with?

JV- So far, we’ve never turned any genre away… and, have had quite a few clients in the Christian genre. From children books to adult, from fiction to non-fiction…we’ve promoted them all. Depending on the genre, will dictate the targeting audience. That’s what makes each client’s promotional package unique. Each author has different readers, and may be at a different place or stage in their marketing plan when they come to us.

Before Premium Promotional Services represents a client, I really get to know the author on a one-to-one bases to assess their needs, make recommendations, and then establish a marketing plan to include whatever combination of services that would best promote the individual. There’s no surprises. We work together as a team. And once we decide on a marketing plan, then the author can go back to his/her writing while we, at Premium Promotional Services, get to work.

ED- What inspired you to develop this helpful organization.

JV- We are authors, and understand the frustrations of promotion. It take a tremendous amount of time and knowledge to establish an author platform and market effectively. Since supporting writers comes naturally, and having expertise of Internet promotion, Premium Promotional Services opened its cyber-doors March 2, 2009…knowing we could provide top-notch promotional services while the author could continue writing.

January, 2009, was the first time the idea of starting my own promotional business came to mind. I had just finished writing a novel and needed to start building an author platform. I began a blog. I read anything and everything I could on marketing as an author. For years previously, I had taught courses on Advertising, so the ideas weren’t completely new…but there was a new take being an author and since technology changes so quickly, it was imperative I re-educate myself.

Soon after I started my blog on *Conquer All Obstacles* FREE Marketing Tips for Writers, I had authors asking if they could hire me to promote them. After a short amount of time, I had many many authors asking for my services…so this is when I knew there was a demand and what I knew could assist them with their needs.

ED- We also found out that you have started not one, but two blogs and have over five thousand fans. Tell us about your blog: ‘Conquer all Obstacles’

JV- >Jo giggles< I actually have over 25,000 fans that I acquired in less than 10 months. I have maxed out on Facebook with 5,000 friends so have started up new pages (Premium Promotional Tips for Writers, Conquer All Obstacles) and a new group called “Fans of Jo-Anne Vandermeulen”. Since I belong to around 30 social media sites, I’ve got a huge following from each one. I also produce and host a weekly live btr show called “Authors Articulating with Jo-Anne Vandermeulen” with over 2,000 listeners.

I have 2 blogs. One is called *Conquer All Obstacles* where I provide free marketing tips. I sizzle with energy and write up-beat,  in a positive tone, setting the stage for others to see that they CAN *Conquer All Obstacles*–inspirational articles, filled with valuable content, they can take away.

Just over a year old, *Conquer All Obstacles* blog has had 26,000 viewers and averages around 200 hits per day. The second blog is called *Journey to Publication* and is more of my personal experiences—growing from an aspiring author to becoming a published writer. The traffic is lower (about 200 visitors/month) but a much local audience (mostly family and local friends). Each has its own purpose.

ED-How can aspiring writer get in touch with you and your service? We have a program for college students who hope to achieve a career in writing and I know that they will want to know.

JV- If anyone wants to read more about me or my service, they could Google my name, my brand (*Conquer All Obstacles*) or the actual service, Premium Promotional Services. To get in touch with me, they can go through the many high traffic networks, either blogs, the PPS site or my email addresses.

*Conquer All Obstacles* – Free Marketing Tips for Writers –

*Journey to Publication* – Jo-Anne Vandermeulen –

*Premium Promotional Services – You Write – We Promote –

Email – or

ED- Jo-Anne, we enjoyed this interview with you and I am sure that there are many writers who will now seek out your help once they see this interview in The Eerie Digest. We wish you much success with Premium Promotional Services and the many writers that you help.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share…and inspire EVERYONE that they too, CAN  *Conquer All Obstacles*.       Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

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