May, 2010

Interview with Actress Monica Ramon

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is proud to present actress Monica Ramon to our readers. Monica, we understand that you began acting in your home country, Spain. Tell us what you did there.

MR- Yes Joe it’s, I began acting in my home country in Barcelona, Spain. I acted for TV series like “Happy End” from 1997 to 1999 as well as taking drama classes. After that I left Barcelona for Madrid Spain and there I worked in a Spanish TV Shows as well as Theatre with Angel Gutierrez, and we won the best play by T.Williams in 2003.

ED- I understand that your Grandfather was the famous artist Luis Vila Plana. Please tell us a little about him.

MR-Yes my grandfather was a well know Spanish artist “Luis Vila Plana “I think he taught me a lot of things about Art and classic music, he was a terrific intellectual, wise person, very sensitive with a big heart!

I miss him a lot as well as admiration, there is his record at Google if you would like to take a look at his amazing work. (more…)

Interview with Movie Maker Tom Flynn

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

ED- We’d like to introduce Film Maker Tom Flynn to all our readers. Tom you have many credits to your film making career. How did you first start?

TF- Well, I went to college at the University of Texas in Austin which is a very film-centric city. There’s a big independent film scene there and it’s also home to a lot of movie-geeks — I am very much one of them and have been since I was a little kid. I majored in Film and made a handful of films while I was there – I also got the reputation of being “the guy who will AD.” ADing, or assistant directing, is usually the least desirable job on set because you have to be the one who cracks the whip and keeps everyone informed of how far behind schedule you are. So the AD is usually the most-hated person on set. I started off being a real hard-nosed asshole because most of the professional ADs I had observed were all assholes, but then I had trouble sleeping at night so I decided to be a nice AD – which made me more pleasant to work with. So I got a lot of work after college being an AD. I eventually went to work for a post-production house in Austin and I did that for a couple of years. It helped me learn a lot about after effects so I soon became “the guy who knows after effects and also ADs nicely.” Surprisingly, there are a lot of filmmakers who shy away from visual motion effects in their projects because they think after effects is a such a mystery. So I got a lot of work since I knew how to work within that realm.

I eventually went to grad school to study film at Chapman University in Orange County, CA. There I learned a great deal about storytelling and met a lot of great people. Again, my reputation as an AD and an After Effects/motion graphics guy followed me, so of course a lot of my friends wound up throwing work my way. Film school is a really great way to develop a strong network of friends and potential collaborators.

ED- You’ve held a number of positions behind the camera. Tell us about them and how they added to your experiences.

TF- Learning how to edit was probably the first thing that really made filmmaking click for me. To this day, it really informs what I do as a director and teaches me to be mindful of my coverage. These days with digital filmmaking, I feel that it’s very possible to have too many options in the editing room. There’s a tendency that digital filmmakers have to over-shoot their scenes, and being an editor helps me curb that tendency. (more…)

Interview with Casting Director Helen McCready

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

ED- For all the future actors that follow The Eerie Digest, we are happy to present Casting Director Helen McCready. Helen we understand that you actually started your career in acting. Please tell us about it.

HM- I started back on the show 21 Jumpstreet as a wrangler and as a featured talent for this show, Booker and a few other Cannell shows, at the time. My love was always the theater, whether in a play or doing improv comedy. I did tons of commercial work back then, too. My break was on a pilot called “Top of the Hill”. We shot 6 episodes? I forget but it didn’t make it thorough pilot season. I was very excited and on a high for about 6 months we when were shooting it! Then it canceled  it was back to reality and looking for work.

ED- Tell us about your work and what does it entail.

HM-I’m a casting director and a member with the Casting Society of America. Basically, a producer provides me with a breakdown and I find the talent they want. They can also ask me to do the breakdown and I let them know how many extras, roles etc are in the film — the producer or director always has final say on who is cast. It’s never the casting director’s decision. Also, I file the proper paperwork for SAG when needed. SAG doesn’t approve but I always hope I can Taft-Hartley a few good actors. Everyone deserves a break if they are crazy enough to endure this business. That’s the basics. (more…)

Interview with Actress Ellen Dubin

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is very excited to introduce actress Ellen Dubin to our readers. Ellen, You are presently starring in the show ‘The Resolve’, but before we get into this, I’d like to ask you about your role in ‘Napoleon Dynamite’. Please tell us about it.

Ellen- Ah the fabulous ‘Napoleon Dynamite’! I have to say that how I got the role is a fascinating process. You never know where people will end up! I have quite a following in the sci fi genre. One of the producers of Napoleon Dynamite was a big fan of my work and had seen this wacky off beat show, LEXX that I did on the Sci fi channel. Before ‘Napoleon Dynamite’, he was a reporter for a major science fiction magazine and had interviewed me about my various roles on that show. He loved my portrayal of the wild characters on ‘Lexx’ so much that when he ended up being one of the producers on  ‘Napoleon’, he phoned  and offered me the part of Ilene. I thought what the hell why not- how thoughtful of him to remember me and so off I went to shoot this little indie film and the rest is movie history. How rewarding to be part of a film that speaks to a generation and a movie that is one of the biggest comedy films of all times. Ilene was so much fun – a Tupperware obsessed gal who just wanted her daughter to hook up with Napoleon. Laughed my head off the whole time making this movie with the fabulous cast and crew.

I love the fact that there were no huge A list stars in the movie- that this underdog film influenced so many kids and became a huge box office smash!  I am proud to be a part of movie history! (more…)

Interview with Actress Kristina Hughes

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

ED- We are very pleased to have another cast member, Kristina Hughes, of the popular web series ‘The Resolve’ to share her time with us. Kristina, we understand that you became first known to us as ‘Miss Connecticut USA’ in the 1998 Miss USA Pageant. That must of been exciting. Can you tell us all about this experience?

KH- Sure thing! After several years of competing in the Miss Teen USA & Miss USA pageants, I walked away with the Miss Connecticut USA title. While back home in Connecticut during my reign, highlights included sharing my passion for reading out loud, helping families in need with meals for the holidays, spending time at the Naval Submarine Base in New London and enjoying a lot of live performances. Connecticut has some really talented performers!

While competing in the Miss USA Pageant, I received a lot of interest from production companies and agents in Los Angeles, so that helped me make the jump from the east coast to the west. Initially I came to LA with the focus of hosting Entertainment Tonight but I soon realized I wanted to be on the red carpet being interviewed not conducting the Q&A.

ED- What inspired you towards an acting career?

KH-I love the thrill of creating a character. The writer gives me descriptions and dialogue and then I can make her my own. I love being able to dig deep into a character and push her to one extreme or another. I also love the variety of the projects, people and the locations.

ED- What were some of the first roles that you played?

KH-(Laughing) lots of bikini babes. In college I was a working international swimsuit model and I was Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Coors Light spokesmodel and a calendar girl. So, running around on Thunder in Paradise or Baywatch was a natural fit. But to be honest, I yearned for stronger characters and more compelling dialogue. (more…)

Interview with Les Brandt

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

ED- We are truly thankful for being able to introduce Les Brandt to our readers and fans, and know that our female readership will be especially thrilled to learn about him. Les, you are definitely a well rounded person. You been on film, television, and you own your own clothing line. We are truly happy to have you on board with us at The Eerie Digest!

LB- Ha.  I am happy to able to tell a little bit about myself and my journey between New York City and Los Angeles that started out from Dallas, Texas so many years ago.

ED- Tell us about some of your films such as ‘Hollywood Reigns’ and ‘Smoke’.

LB- Smoke was an indie project that I had the lead in opposite Maria Conchita Alonso.

Marie was an amazing talent to work with.  Clips of Smoke were later made into the music video  for world famous Mexican group Bronco, who now also goes by El Gigante de America for their song “Mi Peor Enemigo” that was nominated for a Grammy Award.  Smoke is a story about a minor league baseball player accussed of killing his wife and her lover.  Maria Conchita Alonso’s character was the detective peicing the case togehter.

Hollywood Reigns is a story of power, greed, loyalty and betrayel.  This story follows the day of Hollywood Reigns, superagent to the stars played by Gina Jackson.  While Hollywood is taking a meeting with an actor who could be the industry’s next big thing, Jason Wick (Kristian Steel) Rutger Leonard (Les Brandt) crashes the negotiations, causing a major headache for Hollywood. (more…)

Interview with Fright Teck Pictures

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

ED- We now have the pleasure to interview a movie production company that is at the heart of The Eerie Digest and its readers. I am please to present Fright Teck Pictures to all our readers and fans. Please tell us a little about your company and how you started.

FTP– I started making horror films back in the early 80’s. We used to shoot on the old 8mm without sound, and we would take Pink Floyds music and put it over some of the scenes in the movie (lol). It was a lot of fun. I always loved the horror genre. Growing up in the 80’s we were always making haunted houses around Halloween and the last one we did we actually charged people (and they paid). I think we made around 300 bucks! Not bad for a couple of 14 yr old kids. Horror has always been a passion of mine, and I always wanted to make my own film but didn’t think it could be done in Cleveland. One night I was talking to my boss, who ran a strip club down in Cleveland, and we came up with this idea called Halloween Torment (which later became HELLLWEEK)! It was kind of funny how it all worked out with my boss. He was suppose to have been the money guy, and the main actor as well. As fate would have it at the last minute he couldn’t come up with the money and tempers flew.  He and I parted ways as business partners, and that’s when Halloween Torment became ‘Hellweek’. I remember after he and I parted company,  I was left without an investor and a lead actor. I was thinking man “I’m screwed”. So I called a guy that was helping out as a boom operator and I knew he could act. I said “Hey wanna make a Hundred bucks?”, and from that point on Mike Reddy became Rake, the ring leader of the family that lives in the abandoned warehouse. So I now that I had one problem tackled( finding my lead) so there was another, money. Where was I going to get the money to make this movie. So I called up my mom and before  I even could ask her she said ‘how much do you need?’. So from that point on I was in business with mom and still paying off the debt 4 yrs later.LOL!

ED- Where does Fright Teck pictures hail from?

FTP-Fright Teck Pictures originated from Fright Majick cinema to Fright teck pictures, right here in Cleveland Ohio. (more…)

Interview with Devi Snively

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

ED- We are very pleased to have with us Devi Snively, an award winning Horror specialist. Devi, you’ve recently been awarded two amazing awards from the 2009 Shriekfest Horror/ Sci-fi Festival for your work. Tell us about your short film and the role that you played in its creation.

DV- Thanks.  I’m honored to be included in ED.  I am a writer/director and sometimes academic who specializes in horror and dark comedy cinema.  Death in Charge is our latest short film, a dark comedy/horror film heavily inspired by the EC Horror Comics tradition.  I wrote and directed the film with much help from a fabulous team and I was fortunate to be selected as one of 8 chosen to participate in AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women through which the production was made possible.

ED- Tell us the storyline behind ‘Death in Charge’.

DV- The Grim Reaper is mistaken for a babysitter and learns a thing or two about life when left to care for a precocious 9-year old girl.

ED- What inspired you to create this film?

DV- The script was originally inspired by the Colombine shootings.  I have to admit that and other similar incidents really rattled me.    The experts all had their tidy little explanations for why such things occur – media violence, poor gun control laws, broken families, etc. I didn’t buy that there could be just one simple answer, so I wanted to explore this world in which children turn to gun violence.  Death in Charge is the result. (more…)

Interview with Alex Ballar

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

ED- We are very pleased to present one of films finest, Alex Ballar, to our readers in this issue of The Eerie Digest. Alex, please tell our readers about your start in acting.

AB- I was in college to be a physical therapist and needed a humanities credit and I thought acting would be an easy A. Instead, I quickly found out how much work went into preparing a role. My college teacher was a working Broadway actor. He took acting very serious. I knew if I didn’t put the required 10 hours per monologue 20 hours per scene he demanded, he would know and I would screw up my GPA, so I did. I was then informed of an open call for Bronx Tale by my teacher, who forced me to go. Expecting to be rejected immediately I went, but to my surprise, received multiple callbacks and consideration. I was hooked and wanted more opportunities.

ED- You’ve been in many films such as ‘Just Bad’, ‘Final Payback’, and ‘I Love you, I Love You Not’. Tell us of your experiences in these films and something about each of them.

AB- Just Bad is a short film that I directed, produced and acted in. It was made to shop to investors to find funding to make the feature; a condensed version of what the feature would be. It was tons of fun to make. The cast and crew are all amazing people. Unfortunately, after completing it I was pulled away onto other projects and never shopped it. If anyone wants to check it out they can purchase it at or watch it online.

Final Payback – I played a young Lieutenant who finds the body of the police captain’s wife, played by the amazing John Saxon. It was a great time. I’m originally from NY and it was the first film I did after moving to Los Angeles. (more…)

Interview with Savannah Rae Linz

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is happy to present Savannah Rae Linz to our readers. Savannah, as an aspiring young actress our readers would like to know how you decided on the career in acting?

SRL- I have been home schooled my whole life, even before acting. My mom was great about letting my sister and I take lots of classes to keep us active and social with other kids. One day, I took an on-camera acting class when I was about 8 years old, and after 6 weeks when the class was finished, I wanted more. I landed a lot of local things like community theatre, some industrials, student films and also did a lot of singing and dancing in shows.   Then I did a competition/showcase in New York called IMTA.  After 3 or 4 days of acting competitions, we looked at a bulletin board to see if anyone from the industry was interested in seeing us privately.  I was lucky to see there were pages of  agents and managers who were very interested in signing me immediately.  I took home several awards from that showcase, and my mom and I decided to call some of those people and get representation.  It was sort of a validation that there were people that thought I was a pretty good actress, so I wanted to take it to the next level and signed with a manager and agent in Los Angeles.

ED- We understand that you originally started on stage as part of the original cast of ‘The American Girl Revue’. How was that different for you as opposed to going before the camera?

SRL- Yeah, it’s true that I did a long contract on stage with “The American Girl Revue”,  but that is not where I started. I have been doing stage and film since I was about 7 years old-singing, dancing, modeling, musical theatre, industrials, and a movie.  When I landed the lead role of Kaya/Samantha Parkington of “The American Girl Revue“ at the American Girl Store in The Grove. We used to do auditions by driving back and forth sometimes staying  in LA for overnight, a week, a month, or several months for pilot and episodic seasons. Landing the role at American Girl changed that.  So my mom, sister and I got an apartment out here in LA and did that contract for almost two years until the theatre had to close due to the changing economy.  But yes, musical theatre is very different than film. You do show after show and you need to keep your voice in good condition. There are lots of rehearsals involved before the show ever begins. There are also additional cast members substituting for all parts and you need to do the show as though it is always this same cast that does the show each day. In film, it is one person for each role, and you can get to expect certain things from that actor as the scene goes on. Of course, the biggest difference is musical theatre is performed in front of live audiences, and film has only a few cast and crew on set. You also do not get “takes” on stage…you have do it perfectly the first time! (more…)

Interview with Actress Anne Beyer

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is very please to introduce actress Anne Beyer to our readers. Anne, we understand that you originally came from Germany before you came to the States. Please tell us a little about yourself and your decision to make this move.

AB- Well, I have been in love with the USA as long as I can think of and even though  I couldn’t speak English when I was a kid,  I just repeated what I heard in songs on the radio.

It was 10 years ago when I dreamed I was flying towards the Hollywood sign. It felt so real. I saw it directly in front of me. At that time I was living in a small town in South West Germany working as a Stewardess for Lufthansa and thinking getting married and having children is what would make me happy.

But as the time went by my whole live took a completely different direction and after having spent 1year in Crete as a Choreographer/Entertainer and 5years in England, UK I  got on my knees and asked God to make a way for me.

I have moved to 3different countries and started three times from scratch, but taking the move over “the big sea” was scary…LOL.

But here I am, one year and six months later, very happy and very blessed. (more…)

Press Releases from Rebel ePublishers on KILLERBYTE and TERRORBYTE

Saturday, May 1st, 2010


A killer with a gift for inventive and macabre deaths…

An FBI Agent with an equally unusual imagination and sense of humour…



Cat Connor

ISBN: 978-0-9814256-9-6

Paperback available from

With a new and exciting voice, Cat Connor introduces Ellie Conway, an FBI Agent who challenges the rules with her attitude, sense of the ridiculous and how she tackles a serial murderer with a difference: a murderer connected with Ellie’s internet poetry chat room.

With a litter of bodies ‘presented’ in unexpected places, Killerbyte is a provocatively bizarre and entertaining dance.  Ellie, with the aid of Mac Connelly, must track down a seemingly motiveless and ghost-like murderer, who defies detection.  After her own mother is despatched by this slaughterer, Ellie fears for the lives of everyone close: her lover Mac, her father, her boss Special Agent Caine Grafton, and chat room colleagues.  Reluctantly she begins to suspect her boss, colleagues and, her brother Aidan. (more…)

CRC Entertainment Press Release

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Theatre Areas: Hollywood , Los Angeles , Los Feliz, Eagle Rock, Glendale , Burbank ,

West Hollywood and the Valley

Write Act Repertory continues its 2010 mainstage season with

Brooklyn, USA

Based on true events of Murder, INC. in New York City during the 1930’s – 1940’s.

Write Act Repertory and Producing and Artistic Directors John Lant and Ken Cosby with producer Anne Mesa in association with CRC Entertainment and Lois Shaffer Oda, proudly announce their production of Brooklyn, USA as the Write Act Rep 2010 Season continues. This compelling bio-play chronicles the infamous principle characters of Murder, INC. and will have an extended engagement at the Write Act Repertory Theatre officially opening Saturday May 15th to Saturday July 31st, 2010.

This is a true story based on real events of Murder Incorporated, the enforcement arm of America ‘s crime syndicate. With mobsters like Bugsy Siegel, Lepke Buchalter, Albert Anastasia, Abe “Kid Twist” Reles, “Pittsburgh” Phil Strauss, Frank “Dasher” Abbandando, and Harry “Happy” Maione. They formed the firing squad of a national underworld cartel that controlled gambling, unions, loan-sharking and narcotics from the end of Prohibition through the 1950’s across America . Centered in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn , at the height of its efficiency under Lepke and Anastasia, “Lord High Executioner”, Murder, INC. was responsible for thousands of killings coast to coast. Even though guns and knives were used, more imaginative methods like live cremation, slow strangling, quicklime, and live burials were the killing methods that each man made his MO mark with. Some victims were serenaded with a chorus of “Oh bury me not, in old Canarsie,” or were tortured with unbelievable brutality by skillful killers like “ Pittsburgh ” Phil, expertly inserting an ice pick into a “bum’s” ear, scrambling his brains, making it appear like a cerebral hemorrhage to the most seasoned coroner. (more…)