Interview with Actress Anne Beyer

ED- The Eerie Digest is very please to introduce actress Anne Beyer to our readers. Anne, we understand that you originally came from Germany before you came to the States. Please tell us a little about yourself and your decision to make this move.

AB- Well, I have been in love with the USA as long as I can think of and even though  I couldn’t speak English when I was a kid,  I just repeated what I heard in songs on the radio.

It was 10 years ago when I dreamed I was flying towards the Hollywood sign. It felt so real. I saw it directly in front of me. At that time I was living in a small town in South West Germany working as a Stewardess for Lufthansa and thinking getting married and having children is what would make me happy.

But as the time went by my whole live took a completely different direction and after having spent 1year in Crete as a Choreographer/Entertainer and 5years in England, UK I  got on my knees and asked God to make a way for me.

I have moved to 3different countries and started three times from scratch, but taking the move over “the big sea” was scary…LOL.

But here I am, one year and six months later, very happy and very blessed.

ED- Tell us about your training in the UK.

AB- I received a BA (Hons) Acting from the Birmingham School of Acting which is one of the Top Full-Time Acting University’s in England.

It was an absolute awesome, but tough time. I have learned the skill of acting and  studied  necessary tools to approach the work as an actor.

Most of our Tutors are still working Actors, Singers and Dancers at London’s West-End or Voice Coaches from the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

The standard was really high and having English as a second language didn’t make it easier. After having learned everything about voice and Improvisation – Naturalism and Realism in the first year, we’ve moved on with Shakespeare and TIE in the second.

The third year was the best. We performed Plays which were directed by very well known Directors and we performed in a Public Theater in Birmingham. I really enjoyed working with Stephen Simms, who made me play a mad German doctor in “Woyzek” and Mr. John Adams who directed me in Shoreditch Madonna where I played the Lead, Martha. Mr.Adams was able to bring out of me what I would not have thought to be able to create. Even the Newspapers liked it 😉

ED- You also trained for Dancing. Can you tell us about your specialties in Dance?

AB- I’ve started to go to Jazz and Rhythmic Gymnastics classes when I was a very young girl and, as it is very common in Germany, I  went  to Ballroom classes in my Teenage years.

With 18 I worked for a Show Agency which sent me out through Germany to dance in Clubs and Mega Disco’s.

I did perform in a number of Dance Shows and Musicals as well and if I would have had a strong belt  voice I might have considered moving towards a Musical career.

ED- You also competed in the Miss West – Germany contest in 1997 and starred in theater as well. These experiences must have been exciting. Please tell us about it.

AB- After having won the title of “Miss Mannheim1996” , which brought a lot of attention with it, I found myself in a Model Agency – walking the Catwalk for the “National Shows for Schiesser – Solar” (a very  famous German Swim- and Underwear company) … and Modeling for Auto Shows, Designer Companies and Fabric Events.

But to be very honest…the only thing what I really enjoyed in that time was the traveling all over the country. I figured very soon that Modeling is not my piece of cake…LOL…

Even though I was invited and listed to compete the Miss West-Germany contest,…I am sorry to disappoint you, but I never attended…

It was around that time when I realized that I love to perform and love being on Stage but not as a Mannequin. I compared the feeling I had when I performed at the City Theater with 14 and the feeling I had on Stage as a Model, just a few years later, and I knew I wanted something deeper than just being in the Spotlight.

ED-You also graced the silver screen in pictures such as ‘The Last Laugh’. How did this differ for you as opposed to theater?

AB- I enjoy performing in front of camera very much and the first Film Director I’ve worked for in 2003 was very surprised that I didn’t act “over the top” as it is very common for Stage actors. I like stillness and talking through the eyes.

When we’ve filmed “The Last Laugh” in 2009 here in Los Angeles, I felt very comfortable.

ED- Please tell us about these well known film, their casts, and something about the story lines.

AB- It’s a faith based story, written by McCall Jones and directed by Eric Tozzi, about a Comedy club owner, played by Victoria Jackson(Saturday Night Live), who was asked to scarifies her dream. The idea was to transfer the Biblical story of Abraham ,who was asked by God as a test, to scarifies the most important thing in his life-his son, into modern times.

We had an awesome time on set. Victoria is an incredible Lady! I remember sitting with her in the dressing room, late at night, having a coffee, laughing and crying together.

Laura Ortiz (The Hills have Eyes), Allie McCulloch (Amongst Friends), Fritz Mor, James Runcorn, Amber Deegan and so on …we had a great time!

Sometimes you make acquaintance on set, sometimes friends. McCall is a very good friend since the shoot and he his working with me on the Stage play I’ve written, “adulterous”.

The film was nominated for 5Awards at the 168project Film Festival in Glendale.

ED- You also played the lead roles in ‘Given’ and ‘What Remains’. This is really great. Can you tell our readers about these films and the parts that you played?

AB- “Given” is an Award winning Short Film about Lucia, a young woman who gets robbed by the Underworld of the most precious remembrance she has.

It’s a very dark film, written and directed by the great talented Jamie Duncombe and Award winning Director of Photography David Reynolds-Lacey.

Jamie discovered me while working as a Bartender for a function for the “Screenwriters Guild West-Midlands” at the Cineworld Cinema in Birmingham, UK. I have learned so much from him. About film and live!

“What remains” is the story of a young couple in the 70s in Germany – members of the Bader Meinhof Bande. It took me weeks to research and adopt the time and the mindset of my character Beate.

My cast mate and friend Simon Lewis Marriott convinced to come with him to the audition to London, since the Director Hilmar Lipp was looking to cast a German girl and a British guy. We went through 3callbacks and finally got the parts…together 🙂

It was the best experience I ever had on set. I know this is unusual, but the Director took the time to went with us through the script, line by line, and the whole emotional chaos of our characters as they were in such stressful circumstances, as being in a political terrorist group.

Simon and me worked day and night to create a believable, organic relationship.

ED- We also know that you are playing alongside Russ Cootey in ‘ The Resolve’ the show he also directs . Tell us all about it and the character that you play.

AB- First of all I would like to say that I love the series “The Resolve”!

…and I am enjoying the character I am playing very much. Her name is Sonja and she is a Kleptomaniac. Not knowing a lot about this obsessive compulsive disorder, I had to research and create a very interesting character. Most of the OCD’s come along with other mental disorder which are the result of a dysfunctional childhood.

Sonja gets introduced in Episode 4 which will be online very soon 🙂

ED- How do you interact with the cast and the friends there that you made?

AB- We are family! It is amazing how everyone supports each other!

Craig Zucchero and me worked together on the play “Chicago Club Rumboogie” at the Stella Adler Theater in Hollywood and when my Agent Margaret Guiraud (IMT Agency) sent me to the Audition for “The Resolve” I was very surprised and happy to see my dear friend Craig on the Cast list.

The whole cast is doing an awesome job!…and I really love them to bits – as the British say.

ED- Anne, we thank you for your time and wish you luck in everything that you do. ‘The Resolve’ is one of our favorite shows, and we are really proud to have interviewed so many of its cast. Please promise to return to The Eerie Digest again to let our readers know of you future plans.

Headshot 2010 – Elle Lee
Still from the play Shoreditch Madonna – Christian Payne

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