Interview with Actress Kristina Hughes

ED- We are very pleased to have another cast member, Kristina Hughes, of the popular web series ‘The Resolve’ to share her time with us. Kristina, we understand that you became first known to us as ‘Miss Connecticut USA’ in the 1998 Miss USA Pageant. That must of been exciting. Can you tell us all about this experience?

KH- Sure thing! After several years of competing in the Miss Teen USA & Miss USA pageants, I walked away with the Miss Connecticut USA title. While back home in Connecticut during my reign, highlights included sharing my passion for reading out loud, helping families in need with meals for the holidays, spending time at the Naval Submarine Base in New London and enjoying a lot of live performances. Connecticut has some really talented performers!

While competing in the Miss USA Pageant, I received a lot of interest from production companies and agents in Los Angeles, so that helped me make the jump from the east coast to the west. Initially I came to LA with the focus of hosting Entertainment Tonight but I soon realized I wanted to be on the red carpet being interviewed not conducting the Q&A.

ED- What inspired you towards an acting career?

KH-I love the thrill of creating a character. The writer gives me descriptions and dialogue and then I can make her my own. I love being able to dig deep into a character and push her to one extreme or another. I also love the variety of the projects, people and the locations.

ED- What were some of the first roles that you played?

KH-(Laughing) lots of bikini babes. In college I was a working international swimsuit model and I was Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Coors Light spokesmodel and a calendar girl. So, running around on Thunder in Paradise or Baywatch was a natural fit. But to be honest, I yearned for stronger characters and more compelling dialogue.

ED- You’ve also done some modeling as well for Jeep. Can you tell us about it?

KH-I was a spokesperson for them, was hired for a ski event in Aspen as an on-air talent and opened Planet Hollywood in Aspen with them. They loved that with my New England upbringing I could ski with Olympic athletes at Aspens 3 mountains. This is one reason never to lie on your resume about your Special Skills!

ED- Please tell our readers some of the other exciting roles that you starred in.

KH-I have 3 that come to mind. One as a psycho character, the other a victim and the last one deeply rooted in comedy.

Allison Chase, Lead Role in the thriller feature Green River earned me this:

“Kristina Hughes plays a wonderfully unstable ‘Ali’ and she shows a great range and stretch in character.”


Allison was a challenge and I was able to play her full out as far as how twisted and strong she was.

Carly, Lead Role in the dramatic shot UnWrapped my director Dennis Willis offered:

“Kristina Hughes and Paolo Cascardo deliver tour-de-force performances as a couple struggling to rectify the past even as the present consumes them.”

And in Unwrapping A Winner by John Stanley of the San Francisco Chronicle, well he called me a “luscious woman”. I blushed.

Poor Carly, she was finally able to jump over the fence to personal freedom.

Bianca, Supporting Role in the new series Vegan 101 episode Potluck

As a vegan socialite Bianca had every bit of snootiness and confidence in herself. I just ran with the role and prayed I wouldn’t pass out from my allergies to some much of the raw food props.

Ok, I’ll add 4, the one role people most remember is my in the opening of Old School. Fans love it and those close to me called the role “brave”. If you have not seen the film, I’ll just say this, look for me in the blindfold! It was a pleasure working with director Todd Phillips and I hope to return to his set soon.

ED- please tell us about your role in ‘The Resolve’. We see that you have become a regular in the series.

KH-I play another ‘Allison’ and actually it’s a different role for me as she is (so far) soft and sweet and is dealing with very sorrowful layers that we’ll see as the series develops. I’m thrilled to be a series regular and am excited by the quick distribution routes for this project. Being online, my global fans can follow my career a lot faster than film work.

ED- What are your hopes for the series?

KH- With the great cast and crew they sky is the limit right? The internet really is fast becoming TV so a global fan base, compelling story lines, commercial sponsorships. These things can provide us with greater visibility to be taken serious by the Industry and from there then who knows.

ED- What other roles would you like to play?

KH- A spy, a jewelry thief, and a self-made entrepreneur all with strong personalities with story lines that send them to exotic international locales. That would be just perfect.

I’m an entrepreneur in real-life and I think a female character going through the day-to-day challenges of focus, funds and freedom could be well, intriguing.

ED- What direction do you plan for your career in the future?

KH- It’s funny. I think in Hollywood you say one thing and your career goes somewhere different. That’s the fun of it all. I am currently shopping new representation. I think my reviews and fan base are pointing me in a direction that it’s time to move up the food chain and work with some agents who are connected to directors and writers who are power players.

Ultimately, as long as I’m being paid well, working with professionals, spending time promoting my charities (one big one is the Lange Foundation in Los Angeles that helps save animals, one of my latest accomplishments is another rescue cat) and my thriving business (Holdon Log & PerformerTrack that helps performers be business-minded) and able to keep the balance between my personal and professional life, I’m good.

ED- Kristina, you are a very beautiful and talented actress, and we wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. We hope that you will return to The Eerie Digest soon and keep our legions of readers around the globe informed about any news that your future unveils.

KH – I love LEGIONS! Thanks to all of you for your time and while I have you, do visit and sign up for my quarterly newsletter, Hughes Happenings. Performers out there, sign up at and start realizing your dream not just talking about it.

I look forward to keeping you up-to-date on my career!

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