Interview with Actress Monica Ramon

ED- The Eerie Digest is proud to present actress Monica Ramon to our readers. Monica, we understand that you began acting in your home country, Spain. Tell us what you did there.

MR- Yes Joe it’s, I began acting in my home country in Barcelona, Spain. I acted for TV series like “Happy End” from 1997 to 1999 as well as taking drama classes. After that I left Barcelona for Madrid Spain and there I worked in a Spanish TV Shows as well as Theatre with Angel Gutierrez, and we won the best play by T.Williams in 2003.

ED- I understand that your Grandfather was the famous artist Luis Vila Plana. Please tell us a little about him.

MR-Yes my grandfather was a well know Spanish artist “Luis Vila Plana “I think he taught me a lot of things about Art and classic music, he was a terrific intellectual, wise person, very sensitive with a big heart!

I miss him a lot as well as admiration, there is his record at Google if you would like to take a look at his amazing work.

ED- Tell us about your decision to come to Los Angeles to advance your career.

MR- Well in Spain there are not to much work as an actress, I think America is much better for this and always dreamed to be working in American movies so…when I was a little girl I used to watch classic Hollywood movies, you know……Bette Davis, Marlon Brando, Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe of course! Lawrence Olivier so the best of the best.

I fell in love with America.

ED- What was the first acting job that you achieved in Hollywood?

MR- Well when I moved to Los Angeles by myself I didn’t speak English …so my first job was in the Spanish TV channel – it was so funny ! I had a lot of fun, Mexican people is wonderful they helped me a lot when I got in LA so their Spanish is different but I perfectly understand it.

ED- You also worked in the film S.N.A.F.U.. Please tell us about this project and of your role in it.

MR- Oh yes ! S.N.A.F.U by Toby Lawrence a wonderful director ,it was a great short film and it was a silent short film, I played the role of Katy it s a very sensitive short about a man who come back from the war and he cannot make love with his wife because he got paralytic, it s a very sad short film………But work with Toby Lawrence was amazing I could do a fantastic work in it, thanks to him.

ED- ‘Polanski’, ‘Leonidas’, and ‘Mexican Gangster’ were some other films that you played in. What were the films about and what roles did you play in them?

MR- Yes I was lucky because “Damian Chapa” the star of the movie “Blood in Blood out” and right now producer and director as well ,gave me a chance to work in his movie Polanski a biopic about Roman Polanski, I played the role of the mysterious Spanish woman and Polanski’s Lover. It’s in DVD right now as well it was in the Los Angeles theatres during a several months, work with Damian Chapa was a very nice experience for me.

Mexican Gangster is a biopic as well about Mexican Gangsters in America and I played “Corta” the girl friend of the lead role, and “Leonidas”by Paul Richard is a movie about an immigrant trying to work as an artist in America, Leonidas suffer a lot and I played the role of Ana his girlfriend she is a nice Spanish girl who works in a restaurant, she fell in love with him and she wants to help him and his dream come true….!

Just when I moved to LA  I worked in the movie XII as well, playing the role of dancer, a movie by Steven Goldenstein, this is a great horror film. and in “Dirty Girl” I played the role of patient and lead role, a short film by Jennifer Clary about a sick girl a very sensitive short film admitted in 18 international films festivals and one win. And I am very proud of it.

If you wish you can find my info at Google as well.

ED- We heard that you have a part in the new show ‘The Resolve’. Tell us about the show and your role there.

MR-Yes I will be playing a role in The Resolve in the following episodes, I am talking right now with Russ Cootey about my role, Russ is an amazing actor and director and I am so proud to be in his series as well as Craig Zucchero a wonderful actor from New York and friend of mine working in it.

ED- What other roles are you hoping to play?

MR- Right now I got 3 scripts, one of them from India, Italy and Mexico so very excited about it! Studying a lot and improving my English like crazy Joe!!!

ED- Are there any other film genres that you’d be interested in playing a part in?

MR- Well I love comedy!! I love making people laugh, as well as suspense…yeees !

ED- Monica, you are a beautiful and talented woman, and I suspect that you will go far in your acting endeavors. We wish you luck and look forward to your new and exciting role in ‘The Resolve’. Please promise that you will visit with us again.

MR – ED I promise you Joe thank you so much for this wonderful interview, the best wishes to you.

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