Interview with Fright Teck Pictures

ED- We now have the pleasure to interview a movie production company that is at the heart of The Eerie Digest and its readers. I am please to present Fright Teck Pictures to all our readers and fans. Please tell us a little about your company and how you started.

FTP– I started making horror films back in the early 80’s. We used to shoot on the old 8mm without sound, and we would take Pink Floyds music and put it over some of the scenes in the movie (lol). It was a lot of fun. I always loved the horror genre. Growing up in the 80’s we were always making haunted houses around Halloween and the last one we did we actually charged people (and they paid). I think we made around 300 bucks! Not bad for a couple of 14 yr old kids. Horror has always been a passion of mine, and I always wanted to make my own film but didn’t think it could be done in Cleveland. One night I was talking to my boss, who ran a strip club down in Cleveland, and we came up with this idea called Halloween Torment (which later became HELLLWEEK)! It was kind of funny how it all worked out with my boss. He was suppose to have been the money guy, and the main actor as well. As fate would have it at the last minute he couldn’t come up with the money and tempers flew.  He and I parted ways as business partners, and that’s when Halloween Torment became ‘Hellweek’. I remember after he and I parted company,  I was left without an investor and a lead actor. I was thinking man “I’m screwed”. So I called a guy that was helping out as a boom operator and I knew he could act. I said “Hey wanna make a Hundred bucks?”, and from that point on Mike Reddy became Rake, the ring leader of the family that lives in the abandoned warehouse. So I now that I had one problem tackled( finding my lead) so there was another, money. Where was I going to get the money to make this movie. So I called up my mom and before  I even could ask her she said ‘how much do you need?’. So from that point on I was in business with mom and still paying off the debt 4 yrs later.LOL!

ED- Where does Fright Teck pictures hail from?

FTP-Fright Teck Pictures originated from Fright Majick cinema to Fright teck pictures, right here in Cleveland Ohio.

ED- We have learned that FTP has just produced the film ‘HELLWEEK’. Please tell the basis of the story for this film.

FTP-‘Hellweek’ is about college hazing, when fraternities put their Frosh pledges thru a week of Hell, and torment. In the movie version we had the president of the fraternity JJ (Rob Jaeger) take his pledges to an abandoned warehouse . The warehouse has an urban legend surrounding it, and it has caught JJ’s attention. He feels it would  be the perfect place to haze his pledges, regardless to the myth that lingers around the warehouse.

ED- Please tell us about the release date for the film, and where our readers can see it.

FTP-The release date was February 9th 2010 thru Celebrity video  and is available at Netflix, and as well as Amazon. But, if you want to own it we suggest you buy it at our website we have it for the cheapest price LOL.

ED- Tell us about its Director, Eddie Lengyel. We understand that he also wrote it , too.

FTP-Yes Eddie Lengyel wrote and directed the film, the script was written in the winter of 2005 and principal photography started later that year. Hellweek took about 3 years to make I believe Eddie went thru about 6 or 7 editors until he found a guy that really got it.  That was Aarron Tomaselli. Eddie and Aaron seem to have a good working relationship and Aaron must be a pretty patient editor because we hear that Eddie can be a bit fickle about some of the edits LOL

ED- Tell us about all the stars that appear in the film.

FTP– Scream Queen Robyn Griggs makes a cameo along with ‘Unspeakable’s’ co-star Mike Reddy. ‘Murder Machine’s’ Don Kilrane plays Knods the mean spirited killer with a machete. Karen Fox plays Kara the female lead ( I believe she was on Spike TV, on ‘1000 Ways to Die’) and of course Rob Jaeger plays JJ the president of the fraternity. Rob does a lot of radio Disney stuff and a few Time Warner commercials.’ Hellweek’ was his breakout role and he really rocked it! ‘Hellweek’ had a great cast, they all worked really hard and Fright Teck really appreciated all their efforts.

ED- All the shots for the film was done in Ohio. Is that correct?

FTP-Yes mainly Cleveland. Some exteriors where shot down in Kent, and one of the party scenes was shot in downtown Akron.

ED- Are there plans of more Horror genre films in the future for Fright Teck.

FTP– Oh, yes! As long as mom keeps writing checks we will keep making movies… LOL. Actually we are in post on our second film, ‘Voodoo Rising’ (Black Hill) which should be out around late summer, 2010.

ED-We want to thank you for letting our readers know about your new film, ‘HELLWEEK’. We wish you much success with it and with all your future productions. Please come and visit with us again in order to keep our readers informed of all your future projects.

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