Interview with Les Brandt

ED- We are truly thankful for being able to introduce Les Brandt to our readers and fans, and know that our female readership will be especially thrilled to learn about him. Les, you are definitely a well rounded person. You been on film, television, and you own your own clothing line. We are truly happy to have you on board with us at The Eerie Digest!

LB- Ha.  I am happy to able to tell a little bit about myself and my journey between New York City and Los Angeles that started out from Dallas, Texas so many years ago.

ED- Tell us about some of your films such as ‘Hollywood Reigns’ and ‘Smoke’.

LB- Smoke was an indie project that I had the lead in opposite Maria Conchita Alonso.

Marie was an amazing talent to work with.  Clips of Smoke were later made into the music video  for world famous Mexican group Bronco, who now also goes by El Gigante de America for their song “Mi Peor Enemigo” that was nominated for a Grammy Award.  Smoke is a story about a minor league baseball player accussed of killing his wife and her lover.  Maria Conchita Alonso’s character was the detective peicing the case togehter.

Hollywood Reigns is a story of power, greed, loyalty and betrayel.  This story follows the day of Hollywood Reigns, superagent to the stars played by Gina Jackson.  While Hollywood is taking a meeting with an actor who could be the industry’s next big thing, Jason Wick (Kristian Steel) Rutger Leonard (Les Brandt) crashes the negotiations, causing a major headache for Hollywood.

ED- We understand that you are playing the part of ‘Antonio’ in the popular television show ‘Desperate Housewives’. Tell us a little about the part and the show in general.

LB- Yes.  I play the hunky Latin soap opera actor who is struggling with the decision to continue an illicit love affair with his brother’s wife, Tiffany played by actress Laura McLauchlin.  The standard in daytime television…the stakes HAVE to high with major conflict.  (laughs)

This episode is narratted by Brenda Strongs character Mary Alice Young.  You can view my episode titled The Chase at

ED- You also have a role in the new show ‘The Resolve’ that just premiered. Can you tell us about it and the role that you play?

LB- The Resolve is a thriller/drama type of show that chronicles the mentally unstable path of Mike Patterson (played by Russ Cootey)  Charlie “Buster” Green is a lone wolf type of character who genuinely likes people…but just shows it in an unhealthy and morbid kind of way.  He’s the kind of guy who’s favorite movies are perhaps The Pope of Greenwich Village or maybe Good Fellas in that the way that problems are dealt with are by force and physical pain.  He understands and believes solutions and resolve lay in those types of communications.  Unleashes mushroom clouds of rage and volatile physical force all with a smile on his face.  Justifies his muders as mercy killings to accelerate the victims current baseless life with a reincarnation of new hope and possiblities.

ED- You’ve also been in television commercials too ! Tel us about your work in these.

LB- Commercials are what got me started in the business when I got out of high school in Texas.  I have worked with some of THE best directors in the business shooting commercials.  One in particular was a national spot for McDonald’s in El Paso, TX with director Gordon Willis Jr (son of Gordon Willis of The God Father I, II, III)  Gordon is by far one of the most talented directors I’ve had the priviledge to work with.  My “first” commercial was a national spot for Rainbo Bread Snake Cakes shot by Jeff Bednarz.  I’ll never forget that.  I did a really big campaign for Coca Cola with Selena and her group at the time “Selena Y Los Dinos” in Dallas in the early 1990’s.  She was such a sweet person.  There was also a Miller Lite spot (shot by Jaume Collet-Serra) here in Los Angeles that I did where I played a East LA modern day Redd Foxx (Sanford and Son) complete with junkyard, old red truck and the original Sanford and Son theme song.  Recently I worked with Oscar Winning cinematographer, John Mathison and director Daniel Kleinman (has won awards for his advertising work at Cannes, D&AD, the New York One Show, BTAA, Clio, Creative Circle, Midsummer Awards. He has been recognised as the number one most awarded director in the world in the Gunn Report) in a spot (titled Battle) that was super hilarious.  I wanted to BE a commercial director when I was younger.  Commercials have the same components and elements that movies and tv shows have.  They can make you laugh, cry, feel pain, imagine, uplift or move you in some emotional directional in 30 seconds or less.  To be able to achieve that successfully…takes skill, talent and a very keen intuition.  I have the highest respect for these commercial directors and what they accomplish.

ED- You even have your own clothing line Brandt Skins, Inc. Our readers are dying to know a lot more about it. Please share this with them.

LB- Well, I started this line back in 2002 when I just purchased a new 748 Ducati motorcycle and wanted something very special to wear while riding it.  I knew exactly what I wanted but after looking high and low…found nothing.  So I sketched out what I was wanting in the hopes of finding someone to make it.  One tailor told me that it would be TOO expensive to make…but he really liked the concept and idea.  He then said…”you should make and sell these kind of jackets” the look in his eyes said it all and was enough for me to realize that I should take a chance and just give it a shot.  So I did.  Brandt Skinz is an incorporated Los Angeles based company that creates custom hand made 1 of 1 exotic skin jackets. Brandt Skinz Incorporated is synonymous with unbridled creativity & individual sophistication, strong character & product integrity. This company is more about individuality than anything else. Brandt Skinz signature combination of luxury, fashion, precious metals & stones with fine exotic skin craftsmanship is not found anywhere else on the Planet! More info at

ED- You’ve also done a promotion with Anna Nicole Smith. Please tell us about these very interesting aspects of your life.

LB- Yes, I met Anna Nicole Smith and Udo Keir (Blade, Dancer In The Dark) in 1997 while working on a music video for Super Tramp (titled You Win, I Lose) up in the Hollywood Hills shot by David Hogan.  Interesting thing about that shoot was while we were filming we heard machine guns and return fire going on down below like a gun fight or something.  We soon found out that the Bank Of America in North Hollywood was getting robbed during one of LA’s worst bank robberies in Los Angeles history.  Anna and I became friends after that shoot.  We had some really good times hanging out together.  It’s a very sad and tragic thing how her life came to such a quick painful ending.  We all miss her.

ED- Les, you are truly amazing person. Your work with fund raising, film, television, and clothing leave little to be desired. What else do you plan to do?

LB- I don’t know if “amazing” is the word.  I read something many many years ago that I remind myself with daily.  It goes “ONE with all Beings and Possibilities I am moved to serve others knowing that in the ONE…they are none other than myself.”  Wu Wei.  Its a simple understanding that if you help me you help yourself and also that if you HURT me you in turn your yourself.  You ARE me and I am YOU!!  I also love that saying “BE the change that you want to see in the world!!”  My plan as a human BEing is simple…realize the gift of the moment and BE there, 100%.

ED- It was a real pleasure to share your story with our legions of readers and fans, and I want to thank you for being here with us at The Eerie Digest. Please keep us in mind with all your future projects, as I am sure that our followers will want to know more about you.

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