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A killer with a gift for inventive and macabre deaths…

An FBI Agent with an equally unusual imagination and sense of humour…



Cat Connor

ISBN: 978-0-9814256-9-6

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With a new and exciting voice, Cat Connor introduces Ellie Conway, an FBI Agent who challenges the rules with her attitude, sense of the ridiculous and how she tackles a serial murderer with a difference: a murderer connected with Ellie’s internet poetry chat room.

With a litter of bodies ‘presented’ in unexpected places, Killerbyte is a provocatively bizarre and entertaining dance.  Ellie, with the aid of Mac Connelly, must track down a seemingly motiveless and ghost-like murderer, who defies detection.  After her own mother is despatched by this slaughterer, Ellie fears for the lives of everyone close: her lover Mac, her father, her boss Special Agent Caine Grafton, and chat room colleagues.  Reluctantly she begins to suspect her boss, colleagues and, her brother Aidan.

A chance remark provides a connection between past hurts and present pain.

Review excerpts:

Book Wenches, (United States): Readers who enjoy suspense and FBI crime thrillers will find Cat Connor’s novel killerbyte to be right up their alley. This is the first of several stories featuring FBI agent Ellie Conway, and it is well-written, gripping, and highly entertaining. Not only is the action realistic and exciting, but the mystery is well-executed enough to leave readers guessing for the entire duration of the novel, and the characters are developed in such a way as to render them both real and familiar.

Un:Bound, (United Kingdom): Cat balances out Ellie’s basic stubbornness and the toughness that goes with her career choice by showing us her vulnerable moments, when she isn’t in control and allowing her not to have perfect control of her stomach at a grim crime scene. Yay for gun toting chicks who can laugh in the face of horrific death after wiping puke from their mouth, as opposed to the kind who always hold it in.

Ebook Guru, (United States): This was a great book! I really enjoyed this one and couldn’t wait to read what was happening next. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading it and I didn’t want to put it down.

J.C. Hart, (New Zealand): The book is well written, and incredibly engaging. I love Cat’s style and Ellie’s quirky character is certainly not the typical female lead you’d find in many thrillers. Having worked with the police myself I could really identify with her and the way she handled the gore and stress of the situation – sometimes you have to laugh in order to keep your sanity, and Ellie certainly knows how to make the best of a bad situation. She experiences a full, and realistic, range of emotional and physical responses to the murders around her.

Kiwi author Cat Connor lives in Upper Hutt, New Zealand with her husband and children. She has had short stories published in ThrillerUK, Mystericale, Bewildering Stories, T-Zero, The Writers’ Post Journal and Conceit Magazine.

Her second novel, Terrorbyte, was released on November 10th 2009 and currently occupies #13 on the Mobipocket best seller list for suspense & thrillers.

She has several more Conway adventures in the pipeline.

Connor is active on twitter @catconnor

Meet Ellie Conway and Mac Connelly on MySpace and Cat’s website: and her blog:

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Ellie Conway is back: wisecracking, kicking ass and using her psycho-prophetic talents to grapple with a murderer with ulterior motives, secreted behind a series of grotesque crimes.



Cat Connor

ISBN:  978-0-9869731-4-7

Paperback available

Now a Supervising Special Agent, Ellie is confronted with outlandish connections which include chlorine, bourbon, gold ribbons and missing children. She and her team race to find the link between these murders, the Pentagon, the Military, Eastern European terrorists and yet again, her poetry.
The most horrifying connection is that of The Butterfly Foundation, formed by Ellie and her husband Mac, to offer support and sanctuary to the children of mentally ill parents.
When Agent Sam Jackson is stabbed at a crime scene, a Russian FSB Agent, Mischa Praskovya, joins her team, much to her chagrin.  His actions lead Ellie to believe that he knows more than he is prepared to admit about the perpetrators of the murders.
The case puts Ellie’s life in jeopardy. It causes her to question whether she can protect those affiliated with the Foundation. The realization that the issue is global forces her to seek help from the highest level to close borders, airports, train stations, military bases, in an attempt to bring to justice those responsible.
The denouement leaves Ellie facing a shocking truth and a grievous loss.


Un:Bound, (United Kingdom): Cat’s writing is getting stronger, this book is more complex and more tense and emotive than Killerbyte. The lightness and fun are still in there though so it never becomes too dark. I love these books, they are the perfect literary answer to NCIS, Bones, Criminal Minds and so on.

Book Wenches, (United States of America): terrorbyte drew me in immediately and kept me intrigued and fully involved throughout the entire novel. It made me think, alternately amused and saddened me, and impressed me with its intelligent and well-crafted narrative. This is no simple mystery but instead is a multifaceted story that revolves around not just the murder investigation but also Ellie’s fears regarding her mental health and how this may affect both her and Mac. The investigation itself consists of layer upon layer of difficulty and circumstance that must be sifted through in order to unearth the truth.

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