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(Los Angeles, CA, May 2010): Hanuman Media’s Executive Producers Saba Moor-Doucette & Suniil Sadarangani
have co-created the web series Bollywood To Hollywood.

Bollywood To Hollywood is truly an Indo-American collaboration with writers Saba Moor-Doucette & Jeff Doucette in the US and Anil Sadarangani writing in Mumbai, India.  The web-series follows the misadventures of two former neighbors Sunil Kapoor and Amitabh Patel from Bollywood. Sunil arrives in Hollywood with stars in his eyes and wants to be a famous actor. Amitabh, while on business to further his solar panel empire pursues his secret ambition to be a big Hollywood Producer. Together they meet and interact with an assorted bunch of Hollywood crazies, landlords, hot girls and fortune tellers in pursuit of the Hollywood dream. It stars Suniil Sadarangani, co-star of September Tapes currently on Showtime and features Jeff Doucette, Father Crowley on Desperate Housewives and the first American Bollywood Villian in the film Hisss, Mallika Sherawat’s & Irrfan Khan’s latest magnum opus and Radhika Chaudhari, star of many South Indian films and co-star of blockbusters Tere Naam and Khushi.To see the trailer and shows go to :

Bollywood To Hollywood is not only building up its fan base at break-neck speed but also getting noticed in the Hollywood community.

Krista Vernoff, Executive Producer of  Greys Anatomy who has been following the progress of the show  says, “Saba and Suniil have real insider’s views of the culture clash between Hollywood and Bollywood. Should make for a good time!”

Producer and Owner of Persistent Entertainment, Matthew Rhodes, who is producing the upcoming comedy feature Nailed for Capitol Films starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel and James Marsden, opines “Bollywood To Hollywood is a fun, hilarious and entertaining web-series for all ages. I look forward to watching the show.”

“Lively, funny and fresh! What I’ve seen so far is superb, and it has me jazzed to see the upcoming shows. Hooray for Bollywood to Hollywood!” says Gary Conrad, Director of the hit TV show, Fairly Odd Godparents.

Bollywood To Hollywood has also garnered international attention and has been featured in publications such as Marie Claire-Italy, The Times of India and Buzzine Online Magazine.

A special episode which will be a music video is currently in pre-production. This will also be an independent release on  music networks and radio stations. A bonus episode and the last 2 episodes are currently in production. Bollywood To Hollywood is going to spin off into a feature film which is in pre-production having signed a major Bollywood star in a major role. Hanuman Media is in talks to collaborate with other well-known Indian and American artists for the feature.

Hanuman Media is an Indian/American company that produces and develops media content including feature films, television series, animated features, web series, and mobile phone content.

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