Interview with Author Rick Chesler

ED- The Eerie Digest is very excited to present a whole new realm of mystery / thrillers with author Rick Chesler. Rick, this is a really great concept. What inspired you to write this novel?

RC- Thanks, Joseph! I’ve always been fascinated with the natural world and the many ways in which people have developed technology to alter nature and our relationship with it. This book, besides being a thriller about a family in peril, explores that relationship.

ED- What started you on the path of becoming an author?

RC- Reading. I’ve always been a big reader, especially thrillers/suspense/mystery/action-adventure. After reading so many stories by other people, I eventually felt like I might be able to contribute one myself.

ED- Your life in Hawaii is fabulous! Tell us all about it.

RC-It is? Well, my wife and I relocated to Hawaii about five years ago from southern California. For people who love the ocean, Hawaii is a good place to be, being smack in the middle of the Pacific. My day job is as a contractor for the National Marine Fisheries Service, where I assist with research on the economics of commercial fishing, but every weekend it’s a bit like being on vacation in Hawaii. I do most of my writing late at night because it’s so darn nice outside most of the time. People tell me that in much of the world there are four seasons!

ED- You love the sea, and diving is a passion of yours. Tell us about this impact on your story.

RC- I’ve been a certified (nutcase?) scuba diver since 1982 where I learned to dive at Catalina Island in California. There’s a good amount of underwater action in my novel, and part of it is set at Catalina. Having experience with scuba as well as a degree in marine biology enables me to incorporate some technical details, but as a writer I make it a point to strike a readable balance between realism and pacing. It’s about the characters more than anything else, but the ocean can be a good place to find out what people are made of.

ED- Please tell about your novel ‘Wired Kingdom’ and its storyline.

RC- When a blue whale tagged with a web-cam as part of a television nature program broadcasts a horrific murder at sea, an FBI agent with a fear of water finds herself in a deadly race to reach the animal before an unknown killer can destroy the digital evidence it carries.

ED- Will there be a sequel to this particular story, or a series involving your main character?

RC- It’s too early for me to give details, but don’t be surprised if Special Agent Tara Shores is assigned to another thrill-ride of a case in order to solve a salty mystery.

ED- Where can our readers find your work?

RC- Wired Kingdom is now available on (after you read it, please leave a review!),,, in mass market paperback and Kindle formats. It may also be in some of these physical stores depending on orders. It is also available direct with discounted shipping from Variance Publishing’s website:

ED- Tell us about any new projects that you have planned.

RC- My main focus right now is a second Tara Shores thriller. Think family in distress. Think cutting edge science & technology with exotic, aquatic settings.

ED- As an author, where do you see your work heading towards in the future?

RC- I doubt I’ll be straying too far from thriller/suspense country anytime soon. I like to read ‘em, love to write ‘em. There is definitely a mystery component at work, too, but right now I feel that thriller is most apt.

ED- Rick, you have added a whole new venue for mystery lovers everywhere. We thank you for spending your time with us, and wish you much luck and ask you to keep us updated with any of your future projects.

RC – Will do, Joseph, and mahalo nui loa (thanks very much) for having me!


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