Interview with actress/model/comedian Ameona Almund

ED- The Eerie Digest is happy to introduce actress/model/comedian, Ameona Almund to our readers. Ameona, you were  an entrant in a very famous pageant. Tell us about this aspect of your career.

AA- Yes, I was in the 2006 Miss California Pageant. As a model I do runway and print. I view being in the Miss California Pageant as runway. It was a great opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed representing Beverly Hills, a  prestigious city that is known all around the world.  After the Miss California Pageant I had the opportunity to be in several magazines. Recently I was featured in The Scoop LA.  Some of the other magazines that I have been featured in are Essence Magazine in a Verizon Print Advertisement, The Black Star News Magazine, The Harlem Business News Magazine and on the Cover of Urban Sophisticated Beauty Magazine. I also model for the Sodalicious clothing line, owned by famous soda chef, Tom Fraila, who has been seen on NBC and ABC. I also modeled for celebrity designer, Chochi Fiamengo, accessory fashion show launch at the 2009 Pre American Music Awards celebration party at Falcon in Hollywood.

ED- How did this experience entice you into strengthening your acting commitment?

AA- In the entertainment industry anything that you do goes hand in hand. By modeling it opens doors that helps me land roles in the acting field.  The bigger you are in one field  just makes it even easier to cross over in this entertainment industry. Acting is my first love, but sometimes people only pay attention to my beauty. So, if I have to use my beauty as a way to get to do what I love, I will.

ED- What was the pageant like for you and tell us a little bit about its excitement.

AA- The pageant was an rewarding experience. Just to have made it that far was an accomplishment. Only one girl was going to win, so that meant 87 other girls were not, but I knew that win or loose I would always be a winner. I am determined, creative, goal oriented, and most importantly I have style.  Being in a pageant you need to have style or a certain swag that lets people know that you have confidence.  I have been in other pageants and the excitement that builds to that final moment when you are on stage is a feeling that is honestly nerve wrecking.  You will see all the girls smiling on stage, but what goes on behind the scenes to get each girl looking that glam ours would shock a nation.  However, for that once in a life time opportunity of holding a title each girl will go through it over and over again.

ED- Just prior to the pageant you played a role in the film ‘A Single Rose’. What was this film about and tell us about the character that you played.

AA- Single Rose is about a woman named Rose and her husband Owen. Rose often feels lonely and abandon because Owen is constantly away. While Owen is away, Rose visits Lola Mae’s club. She is encouraged to get on stage and sing. She is hit on by a gentleman at the club, but she does not give in because she is married.  The night before her husband shoots her and himself, she visits Lola Mae’s again. Rose is approached by a handsome man, Lee. She first shuns his advances, but when he promises “if you were my woman, I’d never leave you alone”, she gives into the attention she craves. The next morning she awakes with guilt and awaits for her husband return, but he does not return.  She returns to Lola Mae’s club and a solider offers her a ride to New York,  but when she returns home her husband is there. He ends up shooting her and himself.  I played the role of one of  Lola Mae’s Patrons. I was in the club scenes . I remember the club had a smokey, dreamy, sexual feel and the music was the kind of music that made you just want to go home with whom ever you met that night. I guess it worked since Rose ended up having an affair….

ED- Following this you had played role in the films ‘Dance Flick’ and ‘The House Bunny’. Please tell us a little about these films.

AA- Dance Flick is comedy spoof making fun of dance movies. The Wayans family produced and starred in it.  I played a girl in the club.  I was in the scene where Charity, Essence Atkins, is pregnant. She is dancing and she haves her baby right there on the dance floor. The camera stops on my face and my mouth drops wide open in shock as her baby shoots outs and flies across the floor.

The House Bunny is about Shelly, Anna Faris, a playboy bunny who is tossed out of the mansion, she has nowhere to go until she falls in with the sorority girls from Zeta Alpha Zeta. The members of the sorority who also have got to be the seven most socially clueless women on the planet are about to lose their house.  Shelly helps them over come this and makes the sorority into a sorority that everyone wants to be apart of. I played one of the hot girls/bunnies that attended Shelly’s 27th birthday party. It was a lot of fun. It was filmed at the Playboy Mansion. Yes, it was my first time at the Playboy Mansion and it was exciting. I had so much fun.

ED- You then played a part in a genre film that is close to our hearts, ‘Dark House’. Please tell us about the film and the role that you played.

AA- Dark House is about a group of young actors that are recruited to work for the a new haunted house attraction. The house system projects images of monsters throughout the house. The house fourteen years before was the scene of a grizzly massacre perpetrated by Ms. Darode. The house locks down, and the attractions begin to attack the actors with murderous intent as they frantically work to shut down the system and understand what’s happening. I play the role of the suicide vampire #4. I get to basically do what my character roles suggest and that’s try and kill people. Vampires like blood, so its only natural that my character would try and kill people and suck the blood of the victims.  I really had a great time portraying this character. It let me live out a fantasy that will never ever happen in real life.

ED- What other film genres or entertainment venues are you looking to participate in?

AA- I also do stand up comedy. I have performed stand up comedy at the world famous Laugh Factory, the Comedy Store, the Comedy Union & most recently at the J Spot, which is owned by J. Anthony Brown. My favorite comedians are Martin Lawrence, Jim Carey, and Chris Tucker. I must admit I do like making people laugh, but I usually make them laugh even when I am not trying to. I think people just like my personality. I am a fun and creative person. I don’t tell jokes when I am not on stage, but people laugh at what I say anyway. I do have crazy natural facial expressions that I do and people just laugh. I take it as a gift. I don’t own it, but I thank God that he gave it to me…

ED- What direction do you see your career going in the next five years?

AA- In the next five years, I look to be a principal on a sitcom, if not having my own sitcom. I see myself doing comedy and action films. I was born with natural comedic timing therefore comedy comes to me much easier, but that does not mean that I can not do drama. I have a wide range when it comes to acting. Acting is my life and I just want to be the best actress there ever was. I plan to be in block buster hits having starring and co starring roles next to big name actors. The sky is the limit and I have only begun this journey to become the Icon that I dream of becoming.

ED- Ameona, it has been a real pleasure in having you join us for this interview in The Eerie Digest. We truly thank you and we wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.

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