Interview with Beau Nelson

ED- There are some great members of the cast for the show ‘The Resolve’ and we are excited to introduce another to our readers. Beau Nelson is one of the cast members for the show and he is quite active in the film industry. Beau, tell us about your earliest experiences in the upcoming show ‘The Adventures of Roman & Jorge’.

BN- This is a fabulous project for TBN where I play a series regular role as Pastor Bobby.  It’s a face-paced and off-beat comedy with an underlying positive message.  The show is scheduled to air this fall

ED- Tell us about the characters that you played in the films, ‘Ogles with Goggles’ and ‘Better The Devil You Know’.

BN-  ‘Better The Devil You Know’ was a really fun project and I played an arrogant bully who never grew up, even after high school.  In ‘Ogles with Goggles’, I played a homosexual man who lusts over other men.

ED- Can you tell us a little about the films?

BN- You bet,‘Better The Devil You Know’ is a comedy about 4 guys who find themselves back in their home town years after leaving.  Unknown to all of them, forces of evil are the root cause for their return.  They must now face their fears in order to go on with their lives.  ‘Ogles with Goggles’ is the story of a drunken one night stand as if told from Dr. Seuss.  I suppose that’s where I got the name, ‘Twink 1’… in reference to ‘Thing 1’.

ED- You recently completed work on the production ‘Is It Just Me?’. Please tell us about it and the role that you played.

BN- ‘Is it Just Me?’ is completed, yes, and is currently in the festival run.  I just talked with the director recently and it will be appearing at the LA Film Festival as well.  My role was just a cameo as I was unavailable for a larger role due to filming a lead role in ‘Empress Vampire’.

ED- We have learned that two of the projects that you worked on, ‘Fortune 500 Man’ and ‘Empress Vampire’, are in post production. Can you tell us all about these?

BN- That’s correct.  ‘Empress Vampire’ is the story of the downfall of the most powerful vampire in the world.  I co-starred in this film as a hard-nosed FBI agent and had the opportunity to save the world for the first time.  We were expecting to get it into Cannes this year, but unfortunately we didn’t make the cut.  However, this film is also hitting the festival market.  I recommend getting your hands on this once the final VFX is complete. ‘Fortune 500 Man’, is the story of the struggles making it in the business world.  I played an antagonist role trying to keep the lead actor from making it to the top.

ED- As we originally stated that you have been quite busy. You also worked on two other films, ‘Madoff: Made Off with America’ and ‘Q For Death”. Please let our readers know all about these projects.

BN- Absolutely.  I think these two films really re-confirm to myself where I’m headed in the industry.  I’m slated as a co-star with Jeremy London in ‘Q For Death’ as an on-location News Reporter who is looking for his big break.  My character finds that break and ultimately becomes, in part, the key to catching the killer.  ‘Madoff: Made Off with America’, is another great film where I play Young Bernie Madoff with Tom Sizemore, Michael Madsen and Joanna Pacula.  This film is the story of what the writer thinks really happened in the scandal and is actually premiering at Cannes this week.

ED- Do you have anything slated for the near future?

BN- I do, actually.  Now that ‘Q For Death’ is wrapping, I’m opening up another avenue in my career by producing and starring in the film, ‘Zombie Drugs’.  This is a hilarious comedy that’s really going to push my abilities as an actor.  Since I’m playing a drug-addict, I’m currently working on dropping 20lbs in weight and growing my hair out.  I’ve been spending a lot of time doing research on the behaviors of chemical dependency.  After ‘Zombie Drugs’, I’ll be jumping right into another starring role in the film, ‘Call No Man American’.  This is probably one of the best scripts I’ve ever read and already has interest from major studios.

– Am I correct that you’ve only been in Los Angeles for a short time?  I assume you must have very solid representation?

BN – You are correct that I’ve only been in Los Angeles for a short time.  In fact, I took my first acting class less than 2 years ago.  I consider myself very blessed and I’m thankful for every opportunity that has come my way.  I’m not the type to take anything for granted and I believe hard work pays off.  For your second question, I’m actually not represented at all.  I’ve been fortunate to find all my work entirely on my own by digging and digging.  Although, I did do my first mailing last week and I have some very promising meetings set up with top-notch managers and agents.

ED- Beau, you live an exciting and very busy life. We want to thank you for sharing some of it with all of us. We wish you continued success and hope that you return to The Eerie Digest and share more of your experiences with us.

BN – Thank you so much for inviting me to talk with you.  I’d be happy to return to The Eerie Digest any time.

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