Interview with Dana Zatkova-Gordon

ED- The Eerie Digest is happy to introduce a new actress originally hailing from Slovakia. Dana Zatkova-Gordon is that new talent and has studied in London to start on her path to stardom.

Dana, tell us about your early years in your Homeland.

DZG- I danced on stage many times, usually to live music and always felt it was a “natural environment” for me, something I still feel today.  The dances were eg.: Polka, Waltz & Cha Cha and added to these were stories from our traditional “Folklore”, so it was very multi-cultural expression.   We went on for many years…..

ED- What made you choose acting for your life-long career?

DZG- I always wanted this!  I love to perform on stage, entertain others and express     myself.  It was natural to migrate from dancing to acting and I also love to sing.

ED- What influenced you the most in your decision?

DZG- The old films which Slovakia used to make (in black & white) and my enjoyment  of dance and music combined on stage and also my love of Shakespeare.

ED- Tell us about your training for career.

DZG- In 2005 I started doing short courses at many different schools in London:   Introductions to Acting, learning Styles and eg how to Improvise and also a course on  Singing.  Then I studied full-time at a physical theatre school, finishing in 2008.

ED- Your first performances were based on your dancing abilities and these were in stage productions. Tell us about this aspect of your work.

DZG- Often there were 20+ dancers on stage, plus a few musicians and we had to know  what we had to do, how we had to move. My dancing ability just developed naturally and I  never felt I had to practice too much.  My love of moving my body to music has always felt right and allows me to express myself beyond “normal life”.

ED- You were also in the show ‘Witchcraft Musical’. Tell us about this and the role that   you played.

DZG- The play was on at the Broadway Theatre in Catford, South London in April 2010 and  will be on again sometime in the future. The story concerns 3 witches in 17th Century  USA, who accidentally “demonize” two young children by showing them spells. To complicate matters the witches seem to fall in love with unlikely partners and   the resulting back-lash from the population creates a dynamic yet kindly play  which tries to understand and express a vast array of issues.  It is a very modern play, suitable for the whole family with lovely songs throughout. I played someone who had to protect a group of children.  Something I feel  anyway, so it was literally a natural role and one I enjoyed and hope to do again.

ED- You also performed on television. Tell us about some of the parts that you played.

DZG-  Before my fifth birthday I was in a successful dancing ensemble which won many prizes and featured on the national news in an extended edition and other programmes featuring  national dancers. The children often performed as animals, birds or insects  and I chose a butterfly (have photos and still have the dress and huge wings).   We were allowed the freedom to choreograph ourselves and we had great team spirit and felt very proud to be performers.

ED- What are your current goals for your future, and is their any particular productions that you have set your sights on?

DZG- Ideally I want to act, sing  and dance in a live show.  I have my favorites but “any show  will do”, really.  In fact I would do any TV work as well.  When I recently auditioned with RADA I recited a short piece from Hamlet and at other auditions I have sung a song from Phantom of the Opera and used a modern monologue. It seems I have a very broad range of talent!

ED- Dana, you certainly have a fair deal of experience behind you to reach all the goals that you have placed for yourself. The Eerie Digest, and our readers, will certainly be following your every move. We wish you much luck and look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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