Interview with Steve Doran

– The Eerie Digest promotes writing as well as those rising stars in the entertainment field. This said we are proud to introduce someone who has done much to contribute so much to this field, Steve Doran. Steve, Shiloh Productions is an Arizona-based media company that specializes in TV, Radio, and Broadcast commercials. Tell us about the show that you write, and host, with this media company.

SD- Trail Boss was born for two reasons, the first and most important was persons were getting hurt and or putting themselves at risk by watching so called experts on TV do things incorrectly. I wanted to put something together that was technically correct, but that was also entertaining.

Second nothing I do or anyone else does in the outdoors is rocket science. Anyone can learn bush craft, be safe and experience the outdoors at every level.  I have been training military, civilian law enforcement and civilians for years and keep it simple, I want people to learn and enjoy themselves. So I use methods that allow persons to lean quickly and retain the information forever.  Basically I have suffered in the wilderness and weeded through the good and the bad so you do not have to.

ED- Tell us all about The Fast Track Radio Show and its content.

SD- Fast Track was an accident, I have probably appeared on every talk radio show in the country at least once, and have appeared on all of the major networks and national television  programs like the O’ Reilly Factor, Gerardo, CNN, FOX News, NBC, ABC,  and CBS Evening News just to name a few as a guest numerous times. So I was asked to do my own show. I finally agreed.

I basically did an on air variety show and covered everything from current events, to Bigfoot and interviewed celebrities about their television show, new music release or movie role.  I am currently on sabbatical, long story, the station sold several times, the owner died. So we pulled the plug for a while.

However I still guest host other programs and appear as a guest on other programs. I do voice over acting and commercials.  I am even asked to do special additions of Fast Track for radio stations to cover major events. I still am asked to MC and do personal appearances.

ED- You’re also the host of Trail Boss and the Author of The Trail Boss series of books. Please tell our readers about this very interesting venue.

SD- The Book Series is in editing, and it the outdoorsman or would be outdoorsman’s encyclopedia of how to they can take with them where it is not as easy with the video’s. They cover everything from field cooking to field craft. I am also doing one on self defense.

ED-You also co-authored the book ‘The Implosion at Los Alamos’. Our readers would love to know about it and the story behind the book. Please tell us about it .

SD- Implosion At Los Alamos is a frightening exposé that reveals failed security, crime, mismanagement, cover-ups and corruption at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Ground Zero for America’s strongest defense against rogue nations and terroristic entities – at least it should be. While there I risked everything to uncover the theft/loss of over $3 million in taxpayer property, including nearly 400 computers that potentially housed nuclear secrets. Certain lab leaders concerned that public exposure of these and other administrative and criminal debacles could jeopardize the lab’s lucrative government contract, opposed his efforts at every turn.

The book shows mine and my partners role in , exposing  the real and present danger to America’s nuclear secrets, America and her allies are vulnerable to those who may now be in possession of America’s  nuclear weapons secrets.  It is quite a story, and we only told the tip of the iceberg. It is a real life 24.

ED- You’ve also performed many services for your country as a law enforcement official and a U.S. Marine. Please tell us about these parts of your life.

SD- I could fill volumes but I will try and give you the short answer. I have lead a very colorful career, traveling around the world on many classified and unclassified missions. Many publications and the news media have covered my exploits, in search and rescue, fugitive apprehension, intelligence gathering after the fact of course. I have served in every area of law enforcement from patrol to chief. As a government and private contractor I have been sent to perform services that other persons refused.  I gained a lot of notoriety and respect for it.

ED- Your work as a consultant reaches many realms please tell us about it.

SD- I still consult to Law Enforcement and National Security concerns as well as fortune 100 and 500 companies on matters of law enforcement investigations and national security, I provide training to their people as well.

ED- You are also a motivational speaker and trains actors for roles that they play, please explain these venues to our readers.

SD– I do a lot of public speaking about my career and my personal beliefs. My main goal is always to encourage people to think outside of the box. Life is a wonderful gift quit whining and start using it. Don’t die wishing you had done something more. Quit making excuses and do it.

I also talk to men on how to be men and more how to be gentlemen. That sounds like an oxymoron coming from a guy who had made his living traveling the globe looking for trouble. But that alone has saved me a good deal of heart ache and trouble. There is a lot to be said for ones approach.

I tell people all of the time you can always be a jerk if the situation calls for it. But you cannot go from being a jerk to a gentleman. So always begin with politeness. Then ramp it up from there.

I also have a big problem with men who want to be momma’s baby until they day they die. Grow up and take your place in society. We have enough bad examples be a good one

I have the same problem with women who encourage this behavior from their significant other. I have spoken to women’s groups on what to look for in a man. We need people of strong charter in this world. Quit enabling them. Relationships are team efforts. Make them do their part. If not find someone who will.

Starting back in the mid 1980’s I began to consult to local and national news media on their stories giving them the inside track on how things work in the real world of crime and investigation and to production companies teaching their talent the proper way to use weapons, tactics and how a real investigator or street cop would handle any given issue. I also write treatments and give recommendations to production companies who want their host to go out in the wilderness or who will be performing some outdoor activity. Also how to handle different pieces of equipment or what pieces I would use if I was given the same task.

It started when I was hired for security on the set of a movie being filmed in Detroit, and I noticed the actors did not have a clue on how to put a holster and gun on their belt. I told the director they looked foolish and I was paid to instruct the actors on what to do an not do.

I have also been hired as a body guard and investigator by numerous celebrities. The big reason is I know how to keep my mouth shut, and have never betrayed their trust.

ED- Tell us about some of the awards and recognitions that you receives and some of the benefits that you work with.

SD-I was hailed a national hero and role model to the children of the United States by members of congress; I have received many commendations from heads of state, the FBI, other law enforcement agencies, corporations and the general public. I have been named as the best chief of police and one of the best investigators in the US for my work. I was also highly decorated as a US Marine.

I have also been listed by name in many books and publications like the Martial art of the Gun for my style of fighting and training.

I support and raise money for children charities mainly medical but have done it for other in the past. But I only work with those like the Shriners Hospital where 100 % of the money goes for treating the children.

ED- Steve, it has been an honor to have you with us and I am sure that our readers will be interested in reading all about you. Please keep us apprised of all the upcoming events that you will be involved with. We wish you much luck in all that you do and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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