Interview with Wolfgang Weber

ED- The Eerie Digest would like to introduce actor Wolfgang Weber to all our readers. Wolfgang, you have been in many TV shows and film productions. What enticed you most about your career in film?

WW- The fact the job never gets old and there’s always a new challenge.  Traveling is definitively a perk in the business, and I’m not opposed that, I love hopping on planes, to head to the next set.

ED- You have been in many productions that our readers surely enjoy. Tell us about the projects ‘H2O’ and ‘The End’ that you worked with.

WW- Oh yes good old H2O.  Upon completing school at A.C.T. Ottawa in Canada, H2O was a four hour mini series that was just starting production.  My coach/teacher at the time Claudia Jurt was also casting for the series.  Since I was very new to the business and straight out of school, I was hired as an extra. But then showing up for my first day, the director Charles Biname was constructing a scene, and needed someone to arrest actor Kenneth Welsh who was portraying the character Randall Spear the villain. Out of about 100 people or so he had picked me, so I then earned a co-star credit, which was unexpected, but very cool for my first day on the job.  The End was a short that I just wrapped on last week.  It was written and directed by Saravut Frank Sopapunta, the short will be hitting the film festival circuit later this year, so be sure to check it out.

ED- You have also been on many well known television shows. Some of them are ‘CSI- Miami’ and ‘Nip Tuck’. How did these strengthen your career and how was your relationship with the rest of those casts?

WW- I lucked out by playing some co-star parts on some pretty major shows, co-star roles are small but its still a tough battle achieve.  Working on CSI Miami and Nip Tuck was a blast, meeting the cast was amazing, I was so use to seeing these stars on screen and it felt kind of weird meeting them.  So I mentally convinced myself that I was one of them, to avoid being star struck and to help blend in.  I felt that its strengthen my career by giving me the confidence, that if I can book roles on shows like these, I can book anywhere.  It was such a great experience, so motivating for being out in Hollywood for such a short time, I felt as if I were covering a lot of ground on my journey.

ED- Your latest show is ‘The Resolve’. What part character do you play and how do you interact with the other cast members?

WW- Hahahahaha, The Resolve, great times, great cast, great everything.  I play the role of Donnie.  Donnie is the homosexual assistant to the character Mike Patterson played by Russ Cootey. The cast members are all amazing, the job was brought to me by long time friend Alex Ballar, we have always been trying to work on a project together, and when this came about, he called me with the opportunity.  I was so excited I actually forgot that he mentioned the character I was playing was homosexual, I didn’t care I was happy to be working and to once again accept another challenge.

ED- You have recently reached out to the silver screen and played parts in the upcoming production ‘Zombie Drugs’. Can you tell us about the project?

WW- I would love to tell you about the project.  Zombie Drugs should be making its big debut later this year as well.  The film stars myself Beau Nelson, Natalie Irby, Susan Graham and Bobby Burkey.  It’s was written and directed by Alex Ballar, it’s a funny corky dark comedy that I believe will be a big hit in the indie market.  To keep up to date check us out at .

ED- We also learned that there is another project that you have yet to work on: ‘Into The Darkness’. Please tell our readers about this.

WW- I’m so pumped about Into the Darkness.  I booked this job about a year ago; we had filmed a promotional trailer back in August of 2009, to start creating buzz, which can be found on youtube. It’s been building lots hype up due to its up and coming cast.  The movie is being directed by Joel Bender and stars myself, Twilight New Moon’s Kiowa Gordon, M. Night Shyamalan The Last Air Bender’s Jessica Andres, from The Covenant, Feast of Love, Toby Hemingway, from TV’s Zooey 101 and Children of the Corn Alexa Nikolas, also Anna Enger whos been seen in Meet The Browns, and most recently 96 Minutes, Russ Russo from London Betty, Donner Pass and Blue Collar Boys, Austrian singer/actress Dalal Bruchmann and Darian O’Rear who can be seen in Zombieland.  For the most exciting news, I was just recently invited to attend this year’s Adventurecon in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, with the rest of the cast and producers; it’s going to be such an exciting event, to meet all our fans and to promote our film.  Filming will also take place in Tennessee, starting this August.  Check us out on the IMDB ( for more detailed information and become a fan of the movie on Facebook, to get the latest news.

ED – There is another production on the horizon for you, too. Can you give us a sneak peek at ‘Estela’?

WW – Estela was an idea that came to me by friend Laurie Kinsella, I took the idea and brought it to another friend writer/actor Mike Calendrillo.  A year later we have a script that’s being turned into a novel, which could help in securing a budget to shoot the feature.  It should be up and on the IMDB very soon, but in the meantime here’s the synopsis. Estela is a psychological thriller with a hint of paranormal activity. Based on actual events that took place from the years 1997 to 2000; a small town college student is brutally murdered. Ruled as a suicide, there is more to this case than meets the eye in the form of a shady police department, a string of dead leads, and powerful supernatural entities. Soon enough, a brilliant young man seeking redemption, (Wolfgang Weber) sets out to uncover the mysterious circumstances that led to Estela’s death. Unfortunately, he soon get’s in over his head as those responsible for the girl’s murder are aware they are being investigated. After the mysterious disappearance of our young hero, his older brother and FBI agent, (Mike Calendrillo) comes to town and quickly picks up the trail. Led by the spirit of the deceased girl, the FBI agent uncovers the true identities of those responsible. With every minute that passes, the likelihood of finding his brother alive diminishes. The FBI agent must use every ounce of mental and physical fortitude to save his brother while at the same time bringing justice to a lawless town so that Estela’s spirit may finally rest in peace.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

ED- Wolfgang, you are definitely one not to sit and collect moss. We thank you for this interview and know that our legions of readers will be following you closely in the future. We wish you continued good luck as well.

WW – Thanks so much Ed, I appreciate the opportunity. For the latest updates you can follow me on twitter, facebook and the IMDB:

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