Interview with Actor Kyle Hester

ED- The Eerie Digest is quite pleased to introduce another great cast member from the web series show, ‘The Resolve’. Kyle Hester is an up and coming actor who throws himself into his roles. Kyle, tell us what influenced you in your decision towards an acting career.

KH-First I would like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity.
My first memory I have is being in a play in the 3rd grade. I guess the feeling of being onstage kind of stuck. I carried that feeling to audition for the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston and then on to Cal Arts in Los Angeles.

I have had a wonderful time meeting many creative people along the way.

ED- You played three roles in the movie ‘Andersonville’. Please tell us about those roles.

KH-I booked a small role by the name of “Sergeant of the artillery” which you will find me credited with on IMDB. The funny thing is..that role was the very least of what I did in the movie. I ended up playing 3 parts..all speaking roles..
The first day on set, I was next to an actor rehearsing a scene with John Frankenhiemer, the director. The actor was struggling with the lines and John looks around very frustrated and he says..”does anyone know these lines”?.Here was my chance..luckily. I had been reading the sides that day and it was a fairly easy thing to remember…. I raised my hand and said. “I do”. John said ok lets hear it. I read with him and he had us split the part up.

The day of shooting goes by in the gallows on was raining and miserable all day….I loved it!

John comes up to me at the end of the day and says “I am going to use you a lot in this movie”…He did. I then played the Captain of the confederacy, which you will find a picture of in my photos on I had the full beard and Captain dress uniform. Very cool.

I was not sure if he was going to stick to what he had said about using me a lot. How would that be possible I wondered. ……..Make up…and camera angles. The first character I played was cut around…not cut out , cut around. you can hear my voice but not see my face. You will know why in a minute. The second character, the captain, was the make-up.. with the Full beard and what not, I was not very recognizable as me.

When the Captain filming was finished, John Frankenhiemer said he was going to use me as one of the “Fresh Fish”..  “Fresh fish” meant one of the prisoners new to the prison camp. I spent the next month and a half with the main actors including Fredrick Forest.
It rained a lot…production cars were often stuck in the mud. John was driven around everywhere in either a Ford Explorer or one of those 6 wheel drive Gators. It was as close to being in a prison camp as I ever want to be.

After filming was done, I kept in touch with Mr. Frankenhiemer ,at his request. There was a movie, “Silo Three Jane” that he wanted to use me in. I guess the other side had more pressing needs for Mr. Frankenhiemer as he passed away before making “Silo Three Jane”.

Actors are sometimes blessed with “an Ace in the whole”. I thought John was mine. Hey… there are 4 Aces in a deck so….

ED- So knowing not only your own part but of those of other roles that coincide with yours is very important. Please stress this further for other up and coming actors.

KH- I get to know the character I will be playing by reading the script and getting a feel for the flow of the film.. Seems obvious…you might be surprised..hehe.
It was a case of preparation meets opportunity and it worked out nicely for me.

ED- You also work in the art department for the show ‘Wipeout’. Tell us about your work there as well.

KH- Wipe out… Wow.. that was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work and many hours. I started working in the art department, 12 hours a day of building the sets.. well.. putting the foam and vinyl on everything that the set was made of. I ended up working as lead man for a bit as well.
Lead man on an Art department basically is a point man for the production designer and art director to get the work delegated to the best people for a particular job.

ED- You are a cast member for one of our favorite shows, ‘The Resolve’. Please tell us about it and your relationship with the other characters in it and the cast of the show.

KH- I wish I could tell you all about it…but… my character will be developing into something on the darker side of the spectrum. That is really all I can say for now about who I play but I can say that it has been a pleasure to work with Russ Cootey and all of the cast. We have a talented group here and it is a fun project to be involved in.

ED- Web series shows are the growing trend in entertainment. Where do you see it leading and the impact it has on the entertainment industry as a whole?

KH- With televisions being set up now to have computer hook ups, I think we will see a lot of programming coming through he internet in the future. it were!

ED- We also understand that there is a new feature in the works for you. As it is under wraps can you give us a brief ‘sneak preview’ of the project.

KH- I can tell you that I run about 18 miles a week to be in shape for it.  It is a project that I am developing with Nick Borges. We did a short together called “Kill Quincy Wright” You can find it on you tube. I play sort of a southern racist in it so be prepared if you watch it on You Tube.

ED- What are the goals that you set for the future of your career, and what other venues are you looking to explore?

KH-  I love doing the work. Give me a character to sink my teeth into and lets make some magic on the screen. I can do everything from leading man to cereal killer. I love Ed Harris and the roles he has played in his career.  As far as acting, that is a great way to go!
I am always looking to collaborate with creative directors and writers to put the vision on the screen.

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ED- Kyle, The Eerie Digest and our readers surely wish you the best of luck and hope to hear more from you in our future issues. We want to thank you for your time with us and  please keep in contact with any news that you wish to share with our readers.

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