Interview with Actress Amy Ricalde

ED- The Eerie Digest is happy to present another ‘new face’ to Hollywood and our readers. Amy Ricalde has appeared on several TV shows and commercials. Amy, tell us something of your prior training with the ESL Workshop and also the course with Steven Garrin.

AR- Training with Steven Garrin really jump-started my career in voice-overs years ago.  He has a no-nonsense approach to coaching that really helped me own the craft. Where others considered a recording wonderful, he provided insightful tips for making the experience resonate for listeners. The additional training in specialized areas such as ESL has improved my flexibility and skill.

ED- Your original focus was on television commercials. You’ve done work for such brand names as Cartier and Tiffany. How was this to shape your ambitions?

AR- Brand names like Cartier and Tiffany are brilliant at maintaining a significant amount of brand equity and connectivity with their audience.  The benefits of that experience have been long lasting. It enhances my awareness of emotional triggers and how to best use effective messaging to build brand loyalty.  This continues to shape my ambitions for delivering compelling messages that resonate and increase the perceived value of brands.

ED- You’ve also done voice-overs for Disney and Microsoft. Tell us of your experience with these.

AR- My voice-over for Disney was used to deliver a time-sensitive message for one of their campaigns earlier this year.  I also completed a Microsoft narrative for a 10 minute animation that is still used on their website.  This was one of the most enjoyable projects I have ever worked on.  Technology is a long-time passion of mine and the team was wonderful to work with. Recording for Microsoft’s online video felt incredibly natural and nearly like singing.

ED- You also wrote and delivered an acceptance speech at the Emmy’s. Describe your excitement with this.

AR- Excitement hardly describes it!  I emerged myself in the history of the plasma technology and tied it to the accomplishments of the company that was being honored.  The result was a short and entertaining story about the milestones and achievements leading up to that pivotal moment. When I delivered it, I added a little humor too.

ED- You have expanded your horizons and have appeared on Television on the ‘Tyra Banks Show’ as well as performed a demonstration on ‘The Dr. Oz’ show. How exciting was this for you?

AR- Having television exposure is always a thrill since commercial work is my original focus.  My mother still remembers that at 5 years old, I began repeating commercials for family and friends in a myriad of ways.  Even then, I would imagine ways to make messages more compelling.

ED- You will be appearing in an episode of ‘Lights Out’ in the near future. Tell us something about the show, and the part that you play.

AR- “Lights Out” is a drama from Fox TV Studios and FX Productions that tells the story of a former heavyweight boxing champion who searches for his identity.  In one of the episodes airing this summer, I will be the daughter of a wealthy family that announces a generous donation.

ED- As always, starting out in any career is trying, but what venue in acting are you looking to make your goal.

AR- My ultimate goal is to be an ongoing spokesperson or television host for a product, service or cause that I am deeply passionate about.

ED- What are your plans for the near future, and what new work has appeared for you?

AR- My near-future plans include continued voice-over work and greater television presence.  Delivering compelling messages in a world where we are exposed to so many ads that bid for our attention each day, makes my work that much more meaningful and valuable to the people I connect with and the brands I represent. This drives me to be increasingly aware and adaptable to changes in consumer perceptions and the proliferation of new communication mediums.

ED- Amy, we certainly wish you the best of luck and hope that you keep us informed of all your future endeavors. We know that Hollywood will have an eye on you and your ambitions will lead you far. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.


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