Interview with Author Shanise Craft

ED- The Eerie Digest is honored to interview author Shanise Craft for all of our readers. Shanise, Tell us all about your book ‘Harsh Reality, Impossible Dream’.

SC-Harsh Reality is my autobiography. It tells how although I didn’t receive God until I was an adult. He was there for me throughout my entire life just covering and bringing me through one hard time after another.

ED- What inspired you to write the book?

SC- As a General Manager of a Luxury Car Dealership I did a lot of work in the community. I was often asked to speak at different engagements for many foundations. People showed a lot of interest when hearing my life story and always wanted to hear more. So after praying for a very long time, God laid it on my heart to tell my story so that it may help another person from making the same decisions and mistakes that I have.

ED- How has this book helped others, and tell us about the audience you are reaching out to with it.

SC- The reviews on the book have been amazing. I have been receiving encouraging emails from single parents both father and mothers, from readers telling me that I have inspired them pursue their dreams. I didn’t have a target audience I just prayed while writing that if it could help one person than I would be grateful. If the book would just reach people all over the world and help to them to make better choices I would be grateful.

ED- You have had many other accomplishments as well. Tell us about your achievements in the business sector.

SC-  I received the First Ladies Award for Business and Philanthrophy in the month of March which was given in connection to donate funds to an organization in Maryland that houses single mothers living with HIV. The very same month Maryland ranked among the highest state with individuals HIV positive.

In September I received from The National Congress Of Black Women the Business award for Business and Philanthropy.

ED- You are also an Advocate and Community Activist. Tell our readers about your roles in this work and the help that you provide.

SC- Through the companies I have worked for in the past. I always made sure we were attached to community in ways of giving back financially to organizations. We sponsored scholarships for children, and donated to community outreach programs.

ED- You also have a National Website. Please inform us about it and how our readers can find it.

SC- My website is

ED- You also work with the Children’s Hospital. Please tell us about this venerable charity and the work you perform?

SC-I do not work for the charity I was a keynote speaker for a charity in connection with Children’s Hospital last year. The charity I support is called W.A.G.G.Y Mentoring the website is, which is an organization dedicated to mentoring young men and women entangled in the juvenile justice systems of D.C, MD and VA.

ED- Shanise, we want to thank you for spending your time with us and inspiring our readers with your work. We wish you much luck and praise you for all your efforts.

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