Interview with Eric Zuley

ED- The Eerie Digest is excited to present a Hollywood favorite, and one of our Media Partners from LA, Eric Zuley. Eric, tell our readers how you first became interested in media entertainment.

EZ- I’m excited to have the opportunity of being interviewed by The Eerie Digest. Well what made me first become interested in media entertainment was just to follow myself around and keep my own records of what I am doing in Hollywood. Then I came up with a idea of ‘WHAT-U-NEED’. Providing what you need in entertainment.

ED- What were your biggest inspirations in getting started with your work?

EZ- Biggest inspirations would have to be God, and helping others that deserve and appreciate my help. I want to make a difference in the entertainment industry. I would love to give credit to a couple people that have inspired me on my path to success: James Zuley, my Father; Ryan Torres and Windy Myers of AEM MANAGEMENT (AEM stands for Avenue Entertainment Management). They were the first ones to get me my first agent and big time commercial which was the ‘AXE BODY SPRAY’ Limo commercial. I played the music star in the commercial and it can be seen if you Google Eric Zuley. Another would be They have been my programmers for the web master stuff for two years (Made a lot of what I have possible); my partner Devon Guzzie; My X girl friend Vanessa (For never really truly being behind me in my dreams and what I really wanted to do. Her negativity motivated me to be successful and push harder!).

ED- Tell us about your company WTV .

EZ- WTV stands for two things: ‘WORLD WIDE TELIVSION’ (because we have world wide distribution from two other sources. Our content is seen and picked up all over the world). The other is What-U-Need, meaning we give you what you need when it comes to inspirational news and hot celebrity content. WTV covers Celebrity Scenes, Behind the scenes, 1 on 1 interviews with A list celebrities, Charity events, Special Events and more. We’re your one-stop shop in getting talent, or product, out there. WTV is really the visual vehicle for our publicity firm called Gith Public Relations, LLC (stands for GLOBAL INDEPENDENT TALENT HELP). Our companies offer everything you need within one network in getting yourself, or brand, out there to the public’s eyes and more. You get results every time.,,,,

ED- What field of entertainment does WTV target most ?

EZ- Celebrity News, Who was the celebrity before they became the celebrity. Tips & Tricks in succeeding in this industry, Music, Film, TV, Comedy. You name it we cover it. Our motto is “you never know what your gonna get next…we got what-u-need! “.

EZ- What is your target audience?

EZ- Independent talent, Models, aspiring actors, musicians, artists, managers, agents, club goers, hosts, publicists, dancers……..anything entertainment related.

ED- Tell us about your projects and how you go about achieving them.

EZ- Well my projects really differ, I have some acting projects on the table right now: July 11th I shoot for a role that is a small part playing a high school kid that gets a mickey slipped in his drink, a movie called ‘Blaxican bros.’ by David Kano. This comes out in August and I play a reporter named Zany Zam. I have done a International Axe body spray Commercial where I am a rap star that is in a limo that gets split in half (they just re-aired it in late June 2010). I am a producer/actor on a project called ‘The Bay’ with A list soap stars, and director Gregori J Martin (, a film distributed by Warner Bros. called ‘Greed Trap’. This is on the acting side. On the entrepreneurial  side I have many projects in regards to which is an online network that I own. Our YouTube channel has just recently hit over 500,000 views which was a big accomplishment We are YouTube partners. I have four sponsors currently:,, I own three businesses: 1.) WTV NETWORKS, 2.) Gith Public Relations, and 3.) I am a platinum executive (check out the website to see more info). The publicity company I own represents talents and companies, and does many big events. We are very proud of our client Australian Super Model Sophie Turner (Google Her), Donnie Athens, Derek C Pratt, Paula Labaredas, Raz B (from B2k), Joanna Mahaffy, Diana Lopez (owner of LDT Investments), Premiumecig, Celebrity, Entrepreneur Phil Jones

I also work with many charities.,,, and others.

ED- Tell us about your team members and the other Media Partners that you have links to.

EZ- My team members consist of my partner, Devon Guzzie, my father James Zuley, my talent management Ryan T & Windy M (of AEM Avenue Ent Management), Our editor in-chief Peter Switzer, Video editor Alysa Brown, writer Susan Hu, Web Masters ( Josh Bois and Rick Jeffries.

Media partners and/ or affiliates include:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Jeff Knight Photo,,,

ED- What other productions are you looking to branch out into?

EZ-  Something similar to TMZ but more the opposite.

ED- How does WTV differ from other productions similar to yours?

EZ- WTV Networks is the only network that has the partnerships that we have. We are your one-stop shop in getting out there because of our network relationships. WTV is very cutting edge, and has a great resume of celebrity sightings and interviews. Our distribution is world wide. This is why we are considered a World-Wide Media Outlet.

ED- Where do you see WTV, and Eric Zuley in particular, five years from now?


ED- Eric, is has been a pleasure to having this interview with you and to introduce WTV, and you, as one of our LA Media Partners on the West Coast. We really enjoy sharing our enthusiasm in promoting the Entertainment Industry in Hollywood and throughout the world with you.

ED it has been truly a pleasure to answer your wonderful questions. I want to thank you for having me and giving me the opportunity to get my message out to the world through your magazine. PLEASE EVERYONE- REMEMBER TO FOLLOW ME AND MY NETWORK ON TWITTER @ERICZULEY @WTVNETWORKS

Thank you,

Eric Zuley aka EZ

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