Interview with Esteban “Steven” Escobar

ED- The Eerie Digest is proud to present Esteban “Steven” Escobar, The publisher of Diversity News to all of our readers. Steven, you have become a Media Partner of ours over the internet linking some of the best news throughout the Film Industry. How did you originally get started in this field of media?

ESE- Well, I started to show interest in design, entertainment field since high school. I created a bilingual (English & Spanish) publication named News/Noticias. I got contributors and it was distributed free in high school and via U.S. mail. Later joined the Yearbook Staff as people editor during my senior year at U.S. Grant High School. When I graduated in 1994 I enrolled in Los Angeles City College and selected my mayor as Journalism. While going to college I was still running News/Noticias was distributed all over Southern CA. Well it was time to get a job, so I walked to this employment agency where I saw in this conference room the word “Diversity” I did like the meaning and in 2003 I decided to create a new company with a new vision, mission and values and the is when Diversity News Publications was born. Why publications, well while I was in college I also was running The Colleague the was distributed in College only. So by creating Diversity News Publications I would not limit the company to one publication. So the goal is to run couple publications to serve and targeting specific market or group, not only here in CA, the plan is to go national and then international. Diversity News (Revista Diversidad), a print publication was born in 2003 and distributed free all over Southern CA, via U.S. mail to different states. Thanks to the technology Diversity News Magazine stopped printing and in 2007 I register DiversityNewsPublications.Com a company in Washington have already register Diversity News. The was a website with different pages, but I was not happy, so in 2009 I decided to take it to the high level and hire a webmaster who gave Diversity News Publications a complete makeover. As you may see DiversityNewsPublications.Com coverage have been the best because we cover events and we write about them and the is what event organizers/publicists wants.

ED- Tell us about your entertainment company, Diversity News Productions.

ESE- Well, when I register the company I decided to register all other divisions and yes Diversity News Productions was created around 2003 to present and the is to start promoting events for our selves and clients. Diversity News Publications have been hired as independent consultant and makes the necessary arrangements to run a smooth event in partnership with event organizers and promoters. Also to do videos for our company and clients as well and share them online or via DVD.

ED- What aspects of the film industry does Diversity News follow closely?

ESE- Diversity News it is a consumer news magazine. Our intentions is to try to give the best to our readers, because do not forget we are also consumers. I personally do not endorse a product or service if it is not worthy their money or would not benefit them. Our readers are very important for us, that is why we want to have an open communication for them to tell us, if they like what they see or read and what changes they want.

ED- How does it differ from other newscasts of this nature?

ESE- Newscast, well Diversity News is an online publication, thanks to the internet (Lol). But we are considering also taking Diversity News with our division Diversity News Productions to be air on radio and TV in the future.

ED- Is there a certain audience that you target?

ESE- Oh yes, I think as publishers we must identify whom we are working and serving. Diversity News is targeting every one who it do not discriminate whom you are, your religion, sex, handicap, color. We are a publication the wants to be your friend, not trying to replace the bible but we want to be your friends for life and to tell other people about us.

ED- You also run Diversity News Printing Services. Tell us about the agenda of this service.

ESE- Great question, Diversity News Printing Services is another division of the parent company Diversity News Publications and yes we do it once a while print flyers and business cards for customers. We have over 10 contracts with major printing companies all over the USA. Basically this division needs more concentration and the is something I need to focus. Diversity News Printing Services makes profit for us then any other division of the company.

ED- We have been following your program on the net and noticed that you cover many charities and Red Carpet Events. Tell us of your involvement in these productions and the work that goes into it.

ESE- Honestly, I do not want to cover an event only because it is example: ABC birthday bash. Personally the event must be attached to a legit legal charity the will give back to the community. By covering charities events we feel we are giving back to the community. For your information since 2003 to present we created Diversity News#3960 or Team Diversity News#3960 for Aids Walk LA and we raise money the goes to Aids Project Los Angeles and other non profit organizations. We do events to raise money, we walk and I personally make donations towards the event. I can tell you the some charities founders are running organizations as their own business, but charities are public entities especially when you are asking the public for donations/money. Every time a charity wants me to cover or help on their event I check with the attorney general, secretary of state and registar office to see their status. I can share with you the some charities founders are pocketing the money and they are not distributing according to their purpose or mission. Even I can share with you the if you run a charity you can not have blood relatives working on it. I see all the times, but as long they do not take my money I would not say anything.

ED- What other events do you target?

ESE- The events the we target are basically news worthy. It is very important to know whom is running it, the venue, parking, how we will get treated. You know the as writers we do not make a lot of money or nothing at all in covering events, but we help people in their career by featuring them or their events. If a promoter or publicist invites me to an event and I have to pay cover charge or parking I would not cover it. Our policy is the we do not accept gifts, food, money or drinks from publicists unless other media outlets are consuming it. Let me also say the if a publicist wants their client on our site to be feature we will charge a small fee because it is fair for the artist/talent that their money is been invested in the right way.

ED- What other plans are forthcoming for your enterprise ?

ESE-  A new makeover for DiversityNewsPublications.Com, get our company name, services and products in many readers and fans. As I stated earlier creating the Broadcast radio and TV news show. Also to be the publicist for more corporate companies outhere. Dealing with talent/artists is a nightmare. So my experience working as publicist for corporate clients is the best.

ED- Where do you see Diversity News going five years from now ?

ESE-  Another great question. I just hope GOD can help me and the nothing bad can happen in my life. Been healthy is the main key and creating the right networking relationship with other media outlets, publicists and news makers and shakers. Also we want to continue writing our articles as much informative and be neutral at all times and as always write as a third person. We will create some controversy to get our readers attention and reactions. We follow The Associated Press Stylebook in our writings all the times.

ED- Steven, it has been a real pleasure to introduce you to all our readers. As our Media Partner on the West Coast, The Eerie Digest plans to work closely with you for many years to come and enjoy helping promote the Entertainment Industry with our reach around the world.

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