Interview with Marina Anderson

ED- The Eerie Digest is extremely proud to present an extremely talented personality to all our readers. Marina Anderson has produced, directed, and performed in many facets of the entertainment industry and has got to be the most all-around gifted person that we have had the pleasure to introduced to date. Marina, how have you managed to do so much within your lifetime so far?

MA- Blush, blush.  In this business you have to keep pushing and finding new creative ways to make a living.

ED- Your family line has also had a history in the field of entertainment. Please tell us about them

MA-My mother was a contract singer to Warner Bros and gave it up to get married and raise a family. She continued singing, but only on a social basis…She sang with Bill Chadney and other major nightclub bands. Her voice surpassed Beverly Sills. My dad also a major talent – played in many known bands in his day (clarinet & sax) and opted to get steady income and get married. He became an aerospace engineer and inventor. Some of his inventions they used on the moon and Polaris missle… He later was an Imagineer for Disney.  Probably his favorite gig. Then there’s four-time Academy Award lyricist Ray Evans, my cousin (Silver Bells, Mona Lisa, Mr. Ed and Bonanza themes…) and another cousin Peter O’Toole. I think he needs no explanation.

ED- You have hosted quite a number of Radio and TV shows. Tell us about this portion of your career.

MA- I was the first female DJ at my college and over the years, just branched off into doing radio theatre, hosting…it comes with the territory if you pursue a career in on-camera entertainment.  You go after whatever you can and are fitted for.  Whever avenue I could perform, I tried.

ED- You have also made appearances on ‘Larry King’, ‘CNN’, ‘Hard Copy’, and ‘Entertainment Tonight’. Please tell our readers of your experiences in these.

MA-I’ve made a considerable amount of appearances for various venues including talk shows, news shows and other media for various reasons.  Some to promote a show, a movie, a book…and other events for myself, David (Carradine – my ex), fund-raisers…they are all fun to do.  Can be a bit nerve-wracking because usually nothing is prepped.  The interviews are usually off the cuff, improvised, candid.

ED- Tell us about the many television shows that you played in, such as ‘Unsolved’, ‘Desperate Housewives’, ”12 Miles of Bad Road’, and ‘Ghost Whisperer’.

MA-Oy!  That could take pages…I could write another book.  Wouldn’t know where to begin. I just like playing the most varied characters possible.  I’ve done roles from moms to murderers, bimbos to attorneys…give me a wig and I love being an entirely different person. Fun, fun! If your readers want to know more, my website is: Got my voiceover and acting demo and more!

ED- You were also co-lead in the show ‘Sophie Chase’ which won an Emmy. Tell us about this production and the part that you played.

MA-It was a mini-shoot all of a few hours.  I play a woman who helps with an investigation. It was submitted on a lark to the Academy and got nominated! Didn’t win, but to get nominated is major cool~

ED- You have also had lead roles in over twenty theater productions. Tell us about this venue and the plays you performed in.

MA- Done Shakespeare, musicals, dramas, comedy…love the stage. It’s my first main training – theatre.  Love doing comedy and musicals the most.

ED- You were also in such well-known films such as ‘License to Wed’, ‘Kiss of a Stranger’, ‘My Little Hollywood’, ‘Naked Movie’, ‘The Donor’, and ‘Macon County Jail’. Can you share these experiences with our readers?

MA-So many stories…one I wrote about in my book – a film we did in Turkey – The Donor – David and I got separated at the airport on our way back to the US with a stop in Istanbul with our ID and passports taken while they searched us and our luggage.  We were terrified we’d not only not see each other again, but get home to the US!  Finally they said “Ok” after about half and hour and we clug to each other on the plane in an anxiety attack for fear of them stopping the flight or something!  Were we glad to get back on the LAX tarmak!!! OMG!

ED- You Entertainment career has also included much work behind the camera as well. You have worked in nearly every studio in Hollywood filling many high profile positions. Please share these experiences with us.

MA- I met with producer Sandy Howard when I was about 20 years old, and he said “Learn anything and everything about the business you can.”  So I did. In front of and behind the camera.  Was THE best advice.  I’ve worked wardrobe to makeup, to producing, directing, administrative, agenting, managine, PR, publicity, you name it…I’ve delved in it.

ED- Marina, you have also had a well publicized marriage and divorce with actor David Carradine, and you have written a book about it. If it is not to painful a question can you tell us about it and how you had met him?

MA- As David would say to a question like that – buy the book!  It’s all there and then some.  I will say this – the purpose behind my memoir was to help save my health and sanity and out of that, I felt since it helped me, it can help others.  There are issues and events I reveal in the book specifically to help others …so they can benefit by what we went through.  Maybe it can help light the path for others and they won’t have to go through the pain we did…to recognize patterns in their lives…and do something to make positive changes.

I’m very open with pretty much everything.  I’ve gotten criticism for doing that.  But if people continue to hide behind shame, embarrassment or guilt, then how can anyone face issues and get healing and closure?  From other reactions I’m getting, it is definitely helping others.

And BTW, I started writing the book long before I even separated from David.  Some people think I wrote it after he died to capitalize on his death.  Couldn’t be farther from the truth.  There are also people out there who have attacked me personally for certain things in my book who either haven’t read it or who aren’t paying attention to what the content really is and its purpose.  They are just on their own negative mission.  Unfortunately people sometimes focus on sensationalism and not the purpose why something is done.  They think they know someone and make horrible, harsh comments, when they don’t know the people at all.  I find this very sad and scary at the same time.  I have an interview – an entire chapter with DR. DREW PINSKY.  There is a lot people can gain from reading my book!  They will also see the many facets of David as a human being.  Not a celluloid fantasy people project.

There’s also stories about how psychics, astrologers, numerologists and metaphysics play a heavy role in my life in the book and how they came into play in our relationship/marriage.  We had a very well-known healer/minister –Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere do our wedding ceremony.   Been into this since I was a child.  I used to do readings.  I got into doing healing years ago (studied w/Rosalyn).  So there’s this in the book too. There’s stories by friends and co-workers of David – funny, poignant encounters… David was the eye of my tornado – that’s why I gave my memoir that title.  He was the center – the calm – while chaos endued all around. I’m telling you, the book has it all! 472 pages!

ED- When, and where, can our readers find your book?

MA- Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon…actually you can order it from pretty much any bookstore. NOW.

ED- We also understand that you have a line of Jewelry that you have created. Tell us about this venue and where our readers can obtain it for themselves.

MA-The Flying Goddess jewelry came out of a decision I made at the end of my divorce from David.  I decided not to pursue one more avenue in court with the situation and turned to something positive.  I always wanted to make jewelry from my company logo – half of a nude female torso. So that day when I got home from court, I went to my drawing table and traced the logo, flipped it over so it would become a whole torso…and like a devine guided act – I pushed the two halves together and it formed a perfect heart.  So the half goddess became WHOLE enclosed w/in a heart.  GET IT?!  “I” became whole.  It’s been featured on E! Entertainment Channel and other press.

The lyric affirmation card that comes w/each piece is:

“Women are all Goddesses.  We were born that way. Just remember your inner power, which gives you your wings to fly!”

Shirley MacLaine has one of my original pieces (she even sold it on her website for a long time) as does Maya Angelou, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Fran Dresher and many other celebs.  Now I’ve got it to the size of a dime so it’s more affordable.  My website isn’t finished yet, but will have it up soon to sell the new version.  Also have THE FLYING ADONIS…the male version.  Very anatomically correct.  Comes w/a similar lyric affirmation. Oh and both have not only the front, but the back – the “hiney” side to it!

ED- Marina, you are quite a beautiful and talented person and it has been a pleasure, and an honor, to present you to our readers. I personally hope that you can be with us in our magazine and want to thank you for being with us for this interview. I wish you much success in all that you do and I know that all of our readers will be thrilled to learn about you.

MA -Thank you so much for the opportunity!

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