Press Release: WETNWILDRADIO Films has kicked off their fund raising campaign for Deadlands 3.

Well it is official. WETNWILDRADIO Films has kicked off their fund raising campaign for Deadlands 3.

Writer/Director Gary Ugarek has decided to get started raising money for Deadlands 3. The low budget filmmaker behind the microbudget indie hits Deadlands: The Rising and Deadlands 2: Trapped has launched his campaign to raise $1,000,000 for Deadlands 3 using Project Funding website… Kickstarter.

No one has ever tried to raise this kind of money for any type of project on Kickstarter under their guidelines, and what are those guidelines you ask?

You have to reach your goal within 90 days, if not, you get nothing.

When writer/director Gary Ugarek submitted the project they actually tried to talk him off the ledge so to speak, but he said… “I wanna give it a try. I think I can pull this off” So Kickstarter approved the project to move ahead.

On July 28th 2010 at 4:00pm Gary launched the project and began his social media campaign blitz on Facebook to get things rolling.

Why us Kickstarter.Com and Why $1,000,000? Gary Ugarek responds…

“We have tried many avenues, studios, private financiers, etc. They either wanted to change the screenplay into a more campier romp, or wouldn’t budge unless A-list talent was signed on a head time, or partial funding was already in place. We are low budget guys, we don’t have $10,000,000 just lying around to put up part of the financing, and they think we need $20,000,000 to make a movie like Deadlands 3. I believe it is just their way of either saying NO or locking the indie guys out of the biz.”

I got wind of Kickstarter through some other projects here and there and decided to look into it, and after waiting for a month to hear back from one of the majors in Hollywood I said enough I am just going to go and get this done myself. If I keep waiting for them i will be collecting Social Security.

The folks at warned me that the amount was too high. they even suggested trying for $50,000.00 to get some seed money for P&R, but I said We got to try and do this, and I understand if you say no, but I wanna give it a shot and see what happens. I have built the two indie Deadlands films into a small but loyal fan based franchise and those fans have been spreading the word… the world over, so let’s see if we can raise this money, even if it is $1.00 at a time.

Why $1,000,000 you ask, because based on what it cost to make the last two films, and the fact this one is post apocalypse I felt it would require a larger budget, but I do not believe it needs the $20,000,000 the studios claim I need. Yeah maybe by how they do business and math, but not my way. I made two very large scale films on a combined budget of $16,800.00, with $1,000,000 I will set out to make the largest independent zombie film ever made”

And what if he doesn’t pull it off?

“Well if we don’t reach our goal of $1,000,000 in 90 days then I will try again. I am not going to give up until this film is made. I am a hardcore fan of the zombie genre and I want to bring true horror back to the genre. Right now it has become a mix of popcorn action flicks. Some good, some bad, but I want it to be like I remember it as a child/teen… scary as hell. With each new Deadlands film I make them darker and grittier than the previous version… this time I want to go all the way. I truly believe co-writer Lonnie Martin and I have drafted what i consider to be one of the best screenplays in the genre. Hell we even took a 2nd place spot in the 2009 Bridge International Screenplay competition with this screenplay, so if a judging panel thinks it was good enough to make 2nd place… Why not try and get it done.

So the goal here is to keep trying and trying to raise the money so WNWR films can start shooting on April 15th 2011. Writer/Director Gary Ugarek wants the film finished in time to submit to the 2012 Cannes film festival as well as the 2012 Fright Night Film Fest, a Lousiville, KY based Festival he won the award for Best Zombie Film at twice (2006 and 2009). He has promised Fright Night when Deadlands 3 was completed They would be the first horror based festival he would submit the film too, but also wants to submit the film to Cannes.

How can you help or at least stay in the loop for the ride?

you can visit the Kickstarter.Com fund raising page for Deadlands 3 by going here:
At that link you can donate or just check out what the current tally in the fund is at. Gary has also promised to keep folks posted via his personal Facebook page as well as the Facebook group dedicated to getting Deadlands 3 Made. You can also visit the films official website for more details on the first two films.

So Here it is quick and simple:

THE GOAL: Raise $1,000,000 to fund Deadlands 3
TIME LINE: 90 Days (ends October 26th 3:50am EST)

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