Chilian Western Horror Film “Toro Loco”

Chilian film director Patricio Valladeres return after the success with his two first films Curriculum and Dirty Love with his third film. It is called “Toro Loco” and contains the same leading character as his prior film, “Dirty Love” which was released last year.


Written by Patricio Valladares in special colaboration with Andrea Cavaletto. TORO LOCO tells the story of Mateo, (Felipe Avello) son of a notorious mob lord of the city, has been dumped by his wife who took his son away. He doesn´t resist the shame and hires the most ruthless hitman available to kill them. He hires Toro Loco (George Belmar), a cold, excentric assassin wich will bring the hell to this family, always under his own twisted rules. Additional roles in the film is handled by Ignacio Muñoz, Felipe Aliste, Javier Gonzales, Kim Sønderholm and the director, Patricio Valladeres himself.

Cast and crew source:

TORO LOCO is a “re-run” to the classic action-adventure films like ‘Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia” and “El Mariachi”. The film takes place in one small town of Chile.
Filmed with 2 HD cameras and one hell of a staff.



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