Interview with Stuart Dorrance

ED- We are very happy today to Introduce British Writer/Filmmaker Stuart Dorrance. Stuart, Please tell our readers how you got your start in Filmmaking.

SD- Well I have written lots of comedy over the years, but was finding it quite difficult to get my ideas across to the right people so I took the decision to start filming my projects independently. This was great because it allowed me to film exactly what I wanted and it also gave me the opportunity to bring my characters and ideas to life.

ED- Stuart, You have a number of productions in the works at the present. Please tell us all about ‘Alison & Me’.

SD- Alison & Me is a comedy documentary about a man called Tony who falls in love with a coat hanger. He is also a member of The National Federation of Plastic Yogurt Top Collectors, but when they get to hear about his newfound love it leaves them in complete turmoil… sorry Joseph but you did ask.

ED- You also have the comedy/documentary ‘Frank Ledbetter’. What is this about?

SD- Frank Ledbetter is about the greatest rock star the world has ever known, well that’s what Frank thinks anyway. He lives at home with his mum and gigs every Sunday at his local bingo hall (the blue rinse brigade love him). It is filmed as a real life fly on the wall documentary and gives people an insight into his life as it follows him on his amazing journey (who knows where he will end up).

ED- You also have another comedy as well, and this one is also a Mystery. Please tell our readers about ‘The Bournbrook Killings’ as the theme is something they thrive on.

SD- ‘The Bournbrook Killings’ is a British crime drama spoof that I wrote and is based in and around Birmingham, England. Basically there are many brutal murders in the area and it is left to DCI Collison, and his side kick Trevor, to try and bring the murderer to justice… it is a comedy, honest.

ED- You also have a number of other films in progress. Tell us about ‘ The Extra Special Family’, ‘The Rapid Response Unit’, and ‘Poppy Fields Health Centre’.

SD- ‘The Extra Special Family’ and ‘The Rapid Response Unit’ are in the early stages at the moment so I don’t really want to give too much away about those, but ‘Poppy Fields Health Center’ is complete and raring to go. So what’s it about? Well I would love to say that ‘Poppy Fields’ is about an health centre that is run by caring staff who’s main concern is for the welfare of their patients. Unfortunately I can’t because this health centre is much more interested in fancy television screens, nice carpets, and security passwords!

ED- Tell us about the film ‘Hudson’s Creek’ and how it differs from the other productions that you are involved with.

SD- ‘Hudson’s Creek’ is completely different from anything I have ever written before. It is a comedy, but it is based on the great Hollywood westerns of yesteryear. It tells the story of a dopey man from England (Geoff Hudson) who turns up at the creek (by complete accident) and somehow ends up ridding the town of the evil Jackson Brothers. The script is complete, so I just need that Hollywood Director now to give me a call!!

ED- You are also working on two installments of the project known as ‘The Skidmores’. What is this about, and what is the theme behind it?

SD- The Skidmores is a sitcom about a family of layabouts who don’t really want to do a great deal. The first episode focuses on how the family manages to cope at Christmas with only one job between the five of them!

ED- You also have a book in the works. Tell us about ‘Robots Are Human Too!’ and the inspiration behind it.

SD- Life experience and people watching are the inspiration that drove me to write this book. ‘Robots Are Human Too!’ is about the human race and how we seem to live our lives like robots. From Supermarkets to direct debits, it’s all here and although it’s a book that has a message, it is mainly funny because at the end of the day that’s what I love doing, making people laugh.

ED- Stuart, you are certainly most amazing, and one that Hollywood should be paying attention to. I want to thank you, and know that our readers will be really be interested to learn about all your projects, and your book. We hope that you will keep us informed of their progress and where we can find them, and wish you great luck in the future.

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