Interview with Actor Dewet Du Toit

ED- The Eerie Digest would like to present a young actor and bodybuilder, who is starting out in films. His name is Dewet Du Toit, and he is taking a shot at Stephen Sommers’ new flick, ‘Tarzan’. Dewet, Tell us about you aspirations for this new film.

DDT- Well I’ve read the Tarzan comics since childhood and watched the numerous movies starring Johnny Weissmuller, which was good back then, as well as the more recent Tarzan presentations, but always wondered whether there could be someone who could portray a more serious side of Tarzan in a better way while still staying true to the character, and then after a while, I think it was during my high school years, I thought…why not myself as the new Tarzan!

ED- Dewet, you are from South Africa and have trained as a bodybuilder for a long time. Tell us about your training and how you got in shape for this film role.

DDT- I am a highly self motivated bodybuilder and I like to change and try new styles of training, not only hardcore gym training, but also outside training like axing, canoeing, swimming in rivers, mountain climbing, boxing bag and swinging on ropes through trees out in the jungle! For the tough stuff I’m taking ice cold showers in the bush, for the past year, during winter and summer, come hell or high water. As far as my diet is concerned, I’m cooking my food and meat over an open fire on our farm deep in the mountains. For everything else, my food intake consists out of high proteins and low fat. To look like Tarzan you gotta live like Tarzan!

ED- Stephen just finished directing the film ‘GI Joe- Rise of the Cobra’. Please tell our readers what you know about this film.

DDT- I saw the movie when it was released here in South Africa, and watching it, not only the special effects, but also the great story line convinced me that Stephen Sommers’ movies has definately improved since his first films. Truely edge-of-your-seat entertainment! There are even talks of a GI JOE sequel by popular demand from the audience. So I personally think that he is for sure the right director for this awesome new Tarzan project.

ED- Are there any rivals for the role that you are seeking?

DDT- No, not that I know of at the moment. What really interests me is that in both “the Mummy” movies directed by Stephen Sommers, as well as GI Joe, starred South African actor Arnold Vosloo, which I personally think is a great actor, seems like a Sommers’ favourite. After all it wasn’t a bad idea casting the South African actor, as both “the Mummy” movies became a smash hit at the box office, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to cast a S.A. bodybuilder for Tarzan. According to the original book written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan is in Africa via his English parents, so I’m already here. Oscar* winning actress Charlize Theron is a good example of South African success, as success is all about giving your 100%, 100% of the time!

ED- Tell us about your previous experience in films.

DDT- Well like I said I’m starting out in films, but I’ve made a few T.V. ads such as the Isreali film company who made a cell phone commercial here in S.A., we all went to the coast of Mossel bay close to the sea for filming, and I’ve done a lot of stage dramas on school, but I’m very eager and willing to take acting classes in the near future, as I strongly believe that the will to win is more crucial than the skill to win. Something interesting which motivates me even more for the role is that producer Jerry Weintraub who is due to produce the upcoming new Tarzan film clearly stated in a recent interview that he wants a new actor to play Tarzan. He doesn’t have anybody in mind yet, but he wants an unknown actor that shouldn’t be famous to play the role! And that gave me the inspiration to try out for the lead role of Tarzan. There isn’t also much acting dialogue needed for the Tarzan character, “me Tarzan, you Jane”, right? So I’m ready to test on any vine, anywhere, anytime!

ED- What inspired you most about the character that you are looking to play.

DDT- I was always fascinated by the strength and honour of Tarzan’s presence and not only by his physical powers and abilities, but the values that Tarzan lived by too. I also believe that Tarzan is the perfect specimen or example of “man”, physically and mentally, because his “yes” was his “yes” and his “no” was his “no”. You don’t get that anymore these days. Another inspiration which I think would be a good thing is for people to have an idol or hero to look up to, especially for kids, and adults, ‘cause the “real man” is fading away as we speak, and there isn’t any more examples for people to strive for in our time.

ED- Tarzan has been in the minds of the public for decades and has been portrayed in a popular comic book series, television shows, and many films. What will make this film stand out above the rest?

DDT- I think that this new Tarzan film will not only be the best Tarzan film ever made, but it can take “jungle” film making to a whole new level as the technology has hugely improved the past few years and it can show the world of Tarzan in a way that hasn’t been seen before, like the fighting between Tarzan and other wild animals, the bloodthirsty lions, the elephants, the bulky snakes, the fierce crocodiles, the massive rivers and waterfalls and the swinging through huge 100ft high trees, and how man becomes beast to survive in this hostile environment. I also believe that this new film should focus on a more serious Tarzan character, a more savage, muscular, primeval, raw power, beast-like ape-man with a presence that can launch a thousand ships! Instead of a friendly cartoon character we’ve seen countless of times before.

ED- Are there other film genres that you are also looking to play roles in and what would be the ideal film that you’d like to star in?

DDT- I’d like to start out with the Tarzan films as I can associate myself with the character, and off course I’d like to do other movies as well, not only powerfull action roles, but also interesting characters who are born to stand out not to fit in. I’m not really interested in the typical, plain drunk nerd type of character or the repulsive, vulgar comedies. Trust me, I can become a certain character for a movie role, but I can’t be what I’m not.

ED- As a young actor that I know our readers will want to follow, we wish you much luck and hope that you can reach your goal with this film. Please keep The Eerie Digest, and our legions of readers, up to date with your progress in the future.

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