Interview with Filmmaker James Sharpe

ED- The Eerie Digest is very pleased to introduce filmmaker James Sharpe to our readers. James, please tell us how you first started in cinema and what inspired you to do so.

JS- when i was 8 my father bought me a bolex 8mm camera and projector so i got into it then when i went to the ABC cinema to watch the first superman movie.

ED- Tell us about your earliest experiences with film.

JS- I was trying to make films with the neighbours but they wouldnt because they were too embarassed so i used my spiderman and superman figures and pretended they were going to fight, in my swimming pool

ED- Please describe the films that you have been involved in.

JS- I have made several shorts about 10 of my own and helped on about 10 others and am now making my latest feature film called Temporary Spirits. My films ‘Halfway to Heaven’ and ‘Saving James’ are being released on dvd and i tunes very soon

ED- We have learned that you are producing the film ‘Temporary Spirits’. What is the theme behind the movie?

JS- its a twisted comedy about death. 4 people meet everynight in a dream, 2 girls and 2 boys. the boys are still alive but the girls claim they are real and they died, one murdered the other in a car accident. after about 10 dreams the 2 boys (who in reality are brothers) realise theres more to these dreams than meets the eye, so when awake they begin to investigate. the grim reaper is thrown in for good measure and the film finishes with 4 twists. hopefully ones that people dont see coming

ED- Tell us about the cast of the production.

JS- it stars ‘Kate Marshall, Vicky Gaskin, Steven Swan, peter Barfield’ and ‘Darren Luckin’ as the ‘Reaper’

ED- We also understand that production on the set starts in August 2010. Can you tell us about the location and how it blends in with the script ?

JS- we are shooting all dream scenes in august over 4 days. a Field 1, 2 and a woods close by. there is no houses or humans near by except for the cast so this should isolate the dream from reality.

ED- Please describe the characters and how they relate to each other in the movie.

JS- The two boys are brothers ‘James & John’ who in real life hate each other and also do in the dreams to start with, but as time goes on the chemistry grows making them into the brothers they should be. the two girls become their girlfriends.

ED- What is your time line, and when can we expect it to hit the Silver Screen?

JS- i am hoping to have the rough cut done by the end of this year then a release early 2011. but im a firm believer of jinx and superstition and would hate to predict a release date without a single shot done just yet

ED- James, we surely wish you much luck in this exciting production, and I know that our readers will certainly be looking forward to seeing ‘Temporary Spirits’ in the theaters soon. As this is the favorite film genre of The Eerie Digest, we hope that you will keep us up to date with your project’s progress and thank you for spending your time with us.

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